the new product shuttle satellite series pocket-watch in sky(diagram)

as the brand that produces a most pocket-watch, shuttle in the sky has been putting forth new ideas a ground of product that lets the pocket-watch be also come gathering vogue and innovation.The shuttle satellite series pocket-watch in sky place”‘ satellite’ power” into a pocket-watch, only has the luxurious design of mental strategy and lets to revive old customs pocket-watch display magic power and the abyss of time power for ages.

photograph 1:Shuttle satellite series pocket-watch in sky

“satellite” power

satellite series the pocket-watch adopted “satellite” machine Xin –the ETA6498 handses move the new moon machine Xin, 1749134

travel extensively time and space

had “satellite””power” that is a pocket-watch, traveled extensively timed and spaced and then became the second second ground that divides a cent to enjoy.The pocket-watch dial adoption comes from 17 Wandering HourslogoMechanicalSatellite 6

technique parameter:

– move the new moon machine machine Xin ETA64981749- mineral glass form mirror

– silvery case of watch style:The copper quality plates Lao;The gold color case of watch style:Copper quality, have 5- take chain

suggest retail price:RMB 13,650

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the Rui treasure form”Perpetual Calendar” ten thousand calendars

with don’t be different, complicatedwrist formof the world is again another country.After special two ask form and the flight Tuo flywheel wrist form and derive from Chronoswiss(Rui treasure form) of the Munich and release after publishing a complicated function to attain perfect ten thousand calendar wrist form.Early in 1985, proper Mr. Gerd-R. Lang distinctly renew machine chronometer of, then create an is precise to February 28, 2100 of ten thousand calendar wrist form.Should ten thousand calendar wrist the form is to adopt a 45 B.C. thou Kai Sa big emperor(Gajus Julius Caesar) of Rome according to astronomer Suo west the suggestion of the piano Ni(Sosigenes), revise thou Li in Rome but establishment of scholar slightly Li(Julian Calendar), probably the style is a Kai Sa big emperor to behave the achievement for taking delight in talking about most on political.Basically, scholar slightly Li(Julian Calendar) stipulate every four years one Run, after being also an even year of continuous three years the 365th, it is the leap year on the 366th to follow, is follow use the style up to now.However, but this style contains a small minor faults and causes Gao Li’s 13 a life times(Pope Gregory the XIII) in the Pope spaces in Rome’s revising new monthly calendar system after 1582.If with scholar slightly the Li(Julian Calendar) establish calculate, will compare with for yearly actual much time 11 divide 14(namely on the 0.0078th), fraction afraid long account, arrived in 16th centry A.D., accumulated deviation for 10 few days.The deviation of style causes religious festival’s appearing an error margin, therefore Pope puts forward to take into correction.Revise of method again simple however, needs to join a new rule:The tail number is 00 ages don’t add leap year, unless age ability drive 400 whole in addition to, then the year is leap year;Have 29 days in February.Give examples to say, 1700, 1800, 1900, 2100, 2200 etc. the year isn’t all leap year.

Quem Juckat(the idea is namely:Who care the correction of this kind of trivial matter)??Latin student association says like this.This be why Mr. Gerd-Rudiger. The Lang consideration creates the reason of”complicated function” wrist form.In fact this with the greatness system form teacher Thomas Mudge masterpiece relevant, soup Ma private in 1764 announce the first regardless at even year of and leap year all ability exactitude processing different date of month how much of the pocket-watch is also “ten thousand calendars” that are so called now.Experienced after 163 years, the first hand that has equally complicated function moved to chain wrist form to publish.Chronoswiss(Rui treasure form) ten thousand calendarses then carried Chronoswiss(Rui treasure form) appropriation self-made chain machine Xin of C.127, ten thousand calendar modules constitute to°from 50 modules around, credibility precise.

examine the creation tradition of clock with the systematic logical arrangement, is a Mr. The Lang system form philosophy of Gerd- Rudiger.In the middle of the analysis included the needle length design with proportion, dial and the case of watch creates up of meticulous processing.The wrist form function, credibility, precise degree and fine craft etc. each detail reaches into the tallest request, is also initial target.

so the strict ego request can through form carry transparent and blue precious stone crystal on form’s back the glass appreciate with quiet attention.This ten thousand calendar wrist the form carry of Chronoswiss(Rui treasure form) appropriation C. 127 autos chain machine Xin, the equilibrium balance per hour flaps to repeatedly reach to 21,600 times.Rolling automatic dish of bead bearings efficiently will store power to inform to visit silk.Under the status completely chained, the power storage can reach to for 40 hours.Nicety delicacy of complicated ten thousand calendar wheel gear the system is the soul place of this form.Choose to conceal perfect ten thousand calendar systemses to operate under the noodles dish, but didn’t make a show of the machine module of this nicety in the moment, pure is the consideration of technique.This ten thousand calendar wrist form in addition to precise designation week, date and month, also considerable month that see moon profit and loss mutually dish.

this C. 58,000,000 calendar modules of special of Be been placed in to it to press its axis to just turn a turn of diskette to constitute every 4 years from one.Its diskette edge ascend different depth of groove representative length different month mechanism.More special BE, differ from generally and fluently the hour hand circulates of month mutually the dish design, Mr. Gerd-Rudiger. Lang follows the negative hour hand of ancient pocket-watch becomes of month mutually etiquette and custom, let to overturn a traditional month mutually to draw on more on the impressions.Is well worth mentioning, this Chronoswiss(Rui treasure form) proprietary complications is ten thousand calendar modules, the cause creates from the fine machine module of Switzerland valley(Vallee de Joux) in Jura famous manufacturer Dubois-Depraz.This ten thousand calendar module diameter 26.2 mmses, the thick 5.2 mms, inset 30 precious stones.Big form hat and the waterproof turn direct assemble that corrects a key of this ten thousand calendar wrist forms have good waterproof function in linking a tube, the considerate design lets user need to periodically replace waterproof turn to ensure waterproof function.

Chronoswiss(Rui treasure form) is new style of ten thousand calendar wrist form, own elegance wonderful unique external appearance, white 925 pure silver surfaces match Poire the Stuart shape flow a blue steel of linear”Poire Stuart” style to point needle, beautiful skill case of watch go together with to up constitute to°from 36 solid modules, show top-class clock technical skill entirely.The coin line that differs from other Chronoswisses(Rui treasure form) typical models decorate form turn, with two ask the wrist form the case of watch for owning equally clean delicacy, is another great special feature of this ten thousand calendar wrist forms.Now, wear this charming wrist form on the wrist, heartily appreciate its pleasant impression!Make people particularly excited BE, whenever before month end, regardless is the 28th, the 29th, 30 or 31 days, the date points needles all will at moment jump till correct date of start, never error margin.

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summer the scorching blue fresh and cool dial polish an eyeball

much time, we discover, though the variety of current, the size, degree of thickness of wrist form, even at the shapes all in the variety, opposite come to say, the color of dial is to change so more, still keep being known as the majority of the black and white dichromatism, white is been partial to to a business and cultured, the black is been partial to to exercise with heroic.In addition, although the dial that also there is colors, such as coffee and dark yellowish green…etc., always can not with front both match.

but this year, but we discover, in order to count numerous factory houses, starting leading into the blue is the color of dial, scan widely to hope to go, “blue dial” really has a to shout 100 should of power.

the thickness only be super thin negative for 10.83 millimeters of treasure Po Villerets the form jumping small second hand wrist Be perfect to make a show of the elegant and capable qualities of classic Villeret series.The dial revives old customs to project a decoration vulture line paint noodles for Flinqu é and have multi-layer of transparent blue, change magically an incomparable ocean deep effect.The wrist form asks for help of this kind of delicate and equilibrium rule to reserve pure lines and presents to take the classical art work of having the original favor touch method.Inside place a super thin machine Xin 7663 Qs, own for 3 days, power storage, is the center, minute hand and snake the date of form point needle to provide constant power and go against the fan-shaped district of jumping the small second hand to establish at 6:00 direction.The form ear of the positive rear can carry out quickly adjusting of the date school at 5:00.

2010, the Louis Vuitton releases time to fly Xuan series and replaces a traditional hour to engrave a degree by 12 small cubes and created to read horary of all new way.This year, on its foundation, American cup that combines latest correction new match system, and then released the exclusively used for a sailing boat match of new style of.It has a charming blue and blue precious stone dial and shows a voyage special feature, and cans offer a glimpse of the United States of the movement of machines Xin.Once getting into game to pour to account stage, lightly push a form turn the button of for 8:00, dial 12:00 of account for small window space, 30 minutes of the small dial needle, and 5 cubes of the right side of the dial engraving degrees will make a homologous reaction with hint horary passage.

right, this is the middle of last year’s Yu Bo museum Gao Diao release at the Monaco ocean of can bear King of deep sea 4000 meters pressure Power Oceanographic 4000 serieses dive the latest style of form.The Yu Bo released a capacity 1000 titanium metal style and a capacity at that time 500 carbon fiber style, and this style of style that equally belonged to a carbon fiber, however, was whole with that before now black style of compare, the classic cowboy was blue to really give form of the style variety that was some to ask for an eye more, the second light cowboy blue dial replaced second only the black satin noodles pulled a silk dial, for shoulding point needle and engrave a degree to also change to plate Lao satin to this change the noodles pulled a silk processing and overalied buff color fluorescence Tu Ceng.

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the matter that you don’t know:Physical labor private the differentiation of the case of watch material

physical labor private gold hull, plate with gold the differentiation of hull, gold turn hull, the half steel hull watch.The assortment species of watch changes with each passing day.In fact many machine Xins of watches also what change, just case of watch and style at continuously renewal, love.The case of watch of general watch has the underneath a few kinds: with attract a consumer to request, the physical labor private mainly has gold hull and plates with gold hull, physical labor private gold hull, plate with gold hull, gold turn hull, the half steel hull watch of differentiation.The assortment species of watch changes with each passing day.In fact many machine Xins of watches also what change, just case of watch and style at continuously renewal, love.The case of watch of general watch has the underneath a few kinds: request by attracting a consumer, the physical labor private mainly has gold hull and plates with gold hull, gold turn hull, the half steel hull watch.

Gold hull.And top different BE, have the skin of K gold on the noodles Han of hull frame upper part, from above see is a gold hull, see from the on the side for Huang, white(actual is silver 2 F, the bottom noodles(include a bottom cover) is silvery.And this category, also plate with gold the upper level hull, its using is replaced gold skin by the gold, because is too thin, the on the side sees the black and white 2 F from above see is yellow not.On the side and bottom noodles are all silver white.Calling a steel to carry on the back hull again is a bottom cover to make into with the stainless steel, the hull frame is made of copper, the hull frame exterior plates chrome.

The half steel watch price is cheap, but the use day Xi hull frame plates a layer to wear away gradually, peeps out brass and influences external appearance.Whole steel hull.All of bottom cover and hull frames are stainless steels of and have to goodly bear a precipice to bear to decay function.This kind of case of watch is divided into to polish and whets sand 2 kinds, all don’t plate chrome.

Plate with gold hull.Generally is a half steel hull, the bottom cover is a stainless steel, the hull frame is a copper 0 plate artificial gold of 1 F or true gold in the hull frame surface, the thickness is or so for 20 badge rices.Among nations, the hull of K gold’s pure gold pushes for 24 Ks, 12 Ks containing gold 50%, 61 golds aring 25%, rest type.The K gold watch is a kind of upscale watch(is many for the Kun form) the whole case of watch is made into with the K gold.Familiarly there is 9 Ks, 10 Ks, 12 Ks, 14 Ks, the 18 Ks waits 5 kinds.Need not pure gold why?Because the pure gold quality is soft, don’t bear to whet.In addition to gold, the rest is copper and zinc etc. to contain color metal, its degree of hardness wants Gao De Duo than the pure gold in the gold.The sign of K gold after generally engraving at covers of inside noodles.Have two kinds of marking methods:1 kind mark clearly a K number and contain gold per cent in a square space, such as the Xin 585, 18 K person’s head mean a 18 K gold, 0.758″etc., using picture marking is another “14 Kses, , such as woman’s head mean a K gold, the tree means a 10 K gold.Is covered with gold foil light.BE more familiar than upscale watch, the whole case of watch is used the K gold thin slice package but become.If the empress covers is a stainless steel of, hull.The covered with gold foil thickness contains covered with gold foil 40 badge rices, only hull frame, then being called a steel shoulder bag the gold is 60 badge rices, 80.

Gold turn hull.Turn(the Xia Be-like in shape to generally is the whole steel hull watch, has a just in the form glass Han) the skin of K gold, the composition of K gold contains 7 Ks, 9 Ks. 10K. 14 K etc..

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did you know?World top-class ten name forms

they each all hasing noble blood relationship, imposing position, glorious history to still have is an expensive prestige, their prices are 6 in CNY number above, Be looked like to in China an in the price of file sedan.But they at respectively clock development history up do the outstanding contribution of , be rated as mankind’s machine to make wise peak.

100 reach Fei beautiful(PatekPhilippe)

foundation in 100 of 1839 reach Fei beautiful is that Switzerland is unique an existing is completely independently conducted by household of clock manufacturer.100 reach beautiful form of Fei to always value shape design and creation work preface, make the form work preface all in Genevan original factory completion, is unique an all machine Xins to get the brand of “superior quality in Geneva prints to record”(GenevaSeal) in numerous world brand forms.

river poem Dan(VacheronConstantin)

start to create in 1775, is the history is the longest and continues in the world time grows most of one of the forms.Initiate a person to let ·mark ·tile Shi the Long(Jean-Marc Vacheron) is an encyclopedic person’s author.River poem Dan be praised as the art object in the nobility, have been taking a key role in the Switzerland system form industry.

love that(AudemarsPiguet)

1875, Zhu Er Si ·Louis Si ·Ao virtuous Mo Si(Jules ·Louis Audemars) and friend Edwards ·the Ao thou Si Di ·the skin Jie together established to love that especially(Edward ·Auguste Piguet) form.In 1972, the high level that loved that to release the whole Jing steel material quality exercises the form series”Royal oak”(Royal Oak), become a form industry classic.

treasure Ji(Breguet)

1775, A ·Louis Si ·the treasure Ji(A ·Louis Breguet) established treasure Ji, this brand.The clock history of this recognized throughout the world classic person develops this brand in Paris first, after go to Switzerland.

treasure Ji the watch is deeply concerned by emperor’s clan, French king’s Louis 16 and Ma benefit the empress is all worshiping of treasure Ji.Expecting Er is firm gram of, the Pu hope the work of gold, big eminent writers, such as Zhong horse and Hugo…etc. in all once mentioned treasure Ji form as well.Ex- British queen Victoria and British prime minister the Churchill etc. celebrity to is all customer of treasures Ji.At present, the treasure Ji belongs to Switzerland Si fertile Qi group.


the foundation is at the international form in 1868 have”machine form expert” of call, each international wrist forms wants to experience 28 independent tests.Initiating the person is an American Buddha Luo Lun Ting ·Qiong Si(FlorentineA Jones).At present, the international form has more than 700 sales to order in the world, the product mainly sells into far east, Switzerland and Germany.


1874, Georges EdouardPiaget is with the machine Xin creation house.In 1940, the Piaget grandson expands an international market for the development of count form.The count form released super thin machine Xin in 1956.

60’s in last century, the count is concentrating on the research of complicated machine Xin and developing the design of top-class jewelry jewelry.From the design, creation wax model to inset a precious stone, the count form always takes orders the aim of excelsior.It”handcuffs wrist form”(cuff watches) and”coin wrist form”(coin watches) design outstanding, is the delicacy in the count form.

the card ground is second(Cartier)

card ground the history that is second to own more than 150 calendars is the manufacturing expert of French jewelry gold and silver jewelry.In 1888, pack machine ladys’ wear on card ground the bracelet that is second to try at the gold of inseting the diamond form.In 1938, card ground the form that was second to make minimum wrist in the world, and sent it to British princess Elizabeth.The card ground second watch has been the pet of upper-class society, no slackening of effort.

accumulate a house(JaegerLeCoultre)

Anne Tony ·pull to test to take off(AntoineLeCoultre) to establish a workshop in Switzerland in 1833.In 1844, he invented to measure the micron instrument that the accuracy attains a 1/1000 millimeter and made the clock spare parts process accuracy to raise consumedly.

accumulate the house released the thinnest machine machine Xin in the world in 1907, it was in the world to release minimum machine machine in 1929 Xin.In 1931, the accumulating a house exclusively makes for polo contestant releasing a style of wrist form, this form being actually rare classic in the upscale wrist form of.

physical labor private(Rolex)

physical labor the private initiate an artificial man Si ·the Wales is many men, in 1908 he is in Switzerland physical labor the private register for the trademark.20’s in 20th century, the physical labor private’s company developed waterproof watch.In 1953, the physical labor private released just for the diving form of frogman design.The design of the physical labor private’s watch is in the light of solemn, practical, not superficial style, be subjected to large numbers of person’s fancy.

Zhi cypress(Girard-Perregaux):

initiate person J ·F ·the Bautte1791 yearses create his a piece of watch.In 1854, Zhi cypress(Girard ·Perregaux) this name is born.Till the beginning of 20th century, the popularity of Zhi cypress continuously extends.In 1930, when the watch sale quantity exceeds a pocket-watch to sell quantity for the very first time, Zhi cypress 50 year agos settling the strategy of next development watch be proven being correct.In 1998, the Zhi cypress builds up branch in Japan, also a style of watch select “annual the best watch” in Japan.In 2000, the Zhi cypress built up branch in the United States.

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IWC international form Portuguese series wrist form

the Switzerland system form expert sand man Hao Sen IWCinternational formthe Portuguese series wrist form of product create excellent, is all the masterpiece in the precise machine, more than 70 in the last yearses are subjected to personage from love form in the whole world’s applause, be deeply rated as an example in the leisurely long history of realm when the machine accounts.Now, this successful wrist form the household add two styles of all new members who is cultured shape and only have tasty again:When Portugal accountedwrist formclassic version and Portuguese Tuo flywheel hand moved to chain wrist form.

style simple and direct Portuguese series from become available in the market the Yi start namely interesting with it, the design language of grace and go to attain to perfectly make a form craft, become being free from any time current or so classic style form style symbol.The long tradition of the IWC international form Portuguese wrist form household can trace back to to big voyage ages use of the precise voyage instrument-the navigators once asked for help of them to discover New Continent.The end of 1930’s in more than 500 years, two active in the Portuguese businessman of the wrist form profession visit to be located in the making of the sand man Hao Sen form factory after, while ordering to make to account with voyage the wrist form of instrument sort precision.The head of this adoption pocket-watch machine Xin, 1939 noodles City style the Portuguese wrist form takes delight in talking about for IWC international form important wrist form household establishing basis, more than 70 years after, , its precise function, large size and precise machine constructing being always the love form personage of the whole world.

interesting and cultured

all new Portugal account wrist form classic Chronograph of version Portuguese Classic(model number 3904) his/her unique and free from vulgarity interesting and cultured design Be ascended to this popular wrist form the series Be all new to deduce, seem to be only more to have a special feature, make person’s a pleasant change of atmosphere because of its shape.When this Portuguese wrist form Section 2 within household accounted wrist form along with point characteristicses like needle,etc with built-in Arabic numerals, the rail type minute turn and slender leaf’s form of sign, inheritted title the cultural tradition and special feature of the source version from 30’s in 20th century Portuguese wrist form.The arch form edge form mirror design lets this diameter as 42 millimeters of wrist forms not only seeming seem to be cleverly made and lovely, more because of its adoption traditional glass form mirror, make its shape classic and harmonious, to the utmost show the United States of wrist form.

Portugal account the wrist form is classic style of the international form carrying IWC self-make 89361 machine Xins and just for measure longer account always but develop, can account as long as 12 hours.Show that record while accounting can easily read by time on the small dial.Cover through the transparent and blue precious stone glass bottom considerable appreciate 89361 machine Xins and decoration to have Geneva grain of put Tuo.The wrist’s form has red gold style of 18 K or Jing steel style, the equipment silver-plates respectively or dark blue and gray dial.

Tuo flywheel:Uncommon masterpiece

the Portuguese series combine together traditional and modern design and prospect machine technique of voyage instrument, and is known far and near with this.The Portuguese Tuo flywheel hand moves to chain Hand-Wound(model number 5463) of the wrist form Tourbillon of Portuguese skillful embody of this kind of perfect fusion.Is long through the large wrist form that 98900 machine Xins of test extremely suit to move to chain, it produces in the sand man Hao Sen form factory of a series of famous pocket-watch machine in Xin row first.The case of watch style Jing does, the point is outstanding, adopt a 18 K platinum or 18 K red gold material, just like it the cent ground display a simple and direct astringent special feature.Be located in the flight Tuo of”9:00″ position the flywheel Be generous to display the chronometer to constitute to°from the valuable parts, and completely present international form of an IWC to superbly make a form craft.The Tuo flywheel rotates in 60 for a week, the aim is offsetting the error margin that the Earth gravity leads to result in to the balance list side, expels the deviation of walking the speed per hour rate thus.The new arch form edge form mirror moves the external appearance of chaining the wrist form the Portuguese Tuo flywheel hand neater, give people more with the impression of classic harmony.

dial and case of watch match-the platinum style choose a dark blue and gray dial, 18 K red gold style the choice then silver-plate a dial.The IWC that the wrist form carries international form self-makes 98900 machine Xin equipment Jing vulture plating of thin Zhuo Nie silver metal alloy 3/4 bridge planks, can peep its true looks through the transparent and blue precious stone glass bottom cover.Derive from produce in 1920’s and continuously can improve of 98000 machine Xin series, the machine’s Xin gathers traditional and lately make form science and technology to progress at the whole body.The engineers of IWC international form repeatedly raise the flapping of equilibrium balance to per hour 28800 times for ensuring that the Portuguese Tuo flywheel hand moves to chain wrist form to excellently walk precise degree, also special.

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accumulate a Tuo the flywheel wrist form I is invisible of conversion is concrete United States

clock design master while creating of, usually match with the shape and function of chronometer, invisible of time convert into concrete United States.Accumulate a form factory to release the I spheroid Tuo flywheel wrist form of Gyrotourbillon I, again push clock esthetics toward higher layer.

dial above of design with Chien about is lord with bring into relief the pleasant impression of Tuo flywheel, often exergue and power storage show not to presumptive guest usurps the role host, Panchiao with metal thin silk vulture become, let people can an eye hope to wear a dial and appreciate the balance in the orb form Tuo flywheel and capture Zong structure.This Tuo flywheel a little bit tilts to one sides and sees for the head of dial.The whole wrist form shows unintentionally in everywhere invulnerable perfect, not only have each important function, but also set off to accumulate a different style.

accumulate the I spheroid Tuo flywheel wrist form of a Gyrotourbillon the I is all new of 177 hands move the new moon machine Xin diameter 36.3 millimeters, thick 10.85 millimeters, imply 679 modules, have various function and designation, including power storage, often exergue, day and leap year, and time the error margin show.Thus consummate performance, again proves to accumulate a form factory doesn’t wish content with present condition and continuously beg to lately beg to change of earnest style.This wrist form data scale from left go to a right cent to list on a dial, recognize by convenience.More special place the that day period work for marking, from two time jumps type point needle share:The left points needle to mark the first half month, the right points needle to mark the second half month;Two needles use every 16th as boundary, and totally point during the day’s continuous 24 hours”16″;Go to on the 17th zero:00, the left points needle to jump into point of departure in a sudden, the right points needle to then continue to go forward into”17″.

“time the error margin show function” of the I spheroid Tuo flywheel wrist form of Gyrotourbillon I automatic hold control jet lag, show that the permafrost is a clock field nowadays the extremely rare practical function for actual time.In fact, each actual length respectively has a difference and continuously produces the error margin in time on the earth.Therefore the I spheroid Tuo flywheel wrist form of Gyrotourbillon I provides with of 177 machine Xins, can know ° from the second minute hand of dial permafrost for real time.The needle, from an outside circle Xuan roll line cam control, and always probe into right location, mark a time error margin on the dial, be rated as a big intelligence type function.

the Tuo flywheel is in the beginning of invention, just for pocket-watch design, one-way and rotary Tuo flywheel already good enough to provide to well regulate a function.To the wrist form that carry position to continuously change, Tuo flywheel have to much to turn, so as to develop real efficiency.Accumulate a form factory to would be is developing 177 Tuo flywheels of machine Xins under the background like this.Its outside turn is made into with the lightest aluminum metal alloy, every 60 rounds stalk to rotate for a week;The device of seamy side is made into with the titanium metal alloy and the aluminum metal alloy, include an equilibrium balance and visit silk with capture Zong structure, principal axis and the former become 90 degrees, every 24 rotates for a week.This Tuo flywheel with 90 spare partses constitute, always weigh only and 0.336 gram.The treasure Ji type visits silk then with each frequency(namely per hour 21,600 times flap repeatedly) of 3 hertzs at liberty vibration.World the rare and precious thing is usually expensive at rare, the I spheroid Tuo flywheel wrist form of Gyrotourbillon I as well not exception, only capacity in the world is 3, the extreme achievement Guan is expensive.

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