the man choose form will the arrogant Yu Bo great king sovereign UEFA EURO 2012

in recent years, the some wrist forms brand no longer indulges in an in former days elegant impression.Brass case of watch, super greatly point needle and beat to whet rough leather watch band and industrial bolt with sheer feeling Luo mother, this kind of walks and mixs the icy cold breathing of the modern industry civilization and the wrist form of the cowboy in the west of the United States wild style from the war, at two years quick renew, become at present one of the hottest wrist form styles.

in fact, now at present, much machine invention and discover, all livings because the need of war conceives of, for example the innovation of steel manufacturing industry, for example”penicillin” is disheveled hair now.The wrist form is no exception, the wrist form of crude and uncivilized style designs rise and to a great extent that come from mankind history up take place twice”world war”.Two wartimes expect, the wrist form is on a large scale thrown in for use by the military, almost all nations in succession to make the order in form factory, make to order the watch that can cope with a war need.The need of this kind of watch is to fructify enduring, can with machine Xin rough but can in no way be spoiled, in addition to providing with to defend Ci or waterproof function, the moreover the most important design is particularly a dial have to enough big, be like machine instrument to indicate clear convenience reading, hence, the wrist form of big dimensions starts appearing.Now at present, male the dial of the style wrist form biggestly also however 48 millimeter, but the sea of Pei Na was the diving form that Egyptian seal commando unit creates at that time, its dial size is up to 60 millimeters, this almost is similar with the caliber of portable trench mortar.

not only is a dial to have to be big, at the same time airplane pilot’s form and dive the watch band of form to also all specially make to order to lengthen.The airplane pilot in earlier period needs hands to grip to manipulate a pole, therefore their most usual way of doing is to fasten wrist form on the thigh, being like the similar big dial of gauge dish can make them quickly and accurately read for a time.At that time the frogmans of commando unit, then need to wear a decorous diving suit, therefore the watch band has to lengthen and very hard to resist the impact of water current.Wait until war be over, be like a soldier and pack and usually change into public clothing, in the road of vogue more walk more and far at the same time, this kind of is accomplished by the war of crude and uncivilized make form of the style be also reserved down and becamed one vein branched of the wrist formed design.

these wrist forms usually all choose the compound material of high degree of hardness, very hard bear to whet, avoid an earthquake to contain the best effect.Meanwhile, those decorous case of watch design, and the adornment of screw etc. is all generally treatment of the waterproof function.Therefore, the wrist form like this is also more suitable to wear everyday every day.This is like the differentiation of western dress and cowboy jacket, an in the formal situation essential to have, a but can keep company with you for more than 10 years, and not dated forever.

and American Vintage(is American to revive old customs) style of rising, also let the wrist form of this kind of crude and uncivilized design style, there is marriage of vogue.The sea of Pei Na’s reviving old customs wrist form is received by a small parts of insiders for”saint thing”, someone evaluates “be like a cake of to haven’t yet to beat grinding Pu jade, send forth a ray of light of untamed nature”.This kind of”the ray of light of untamed nature” is like a strange soldier of 《is free and unfettered and ride a hand the male leading role of medium wave vestige limits of the earth and 《 Duo treasure 》medium of print Anne Na ·the Qiong Si is similar, become the perfect portrayal of the image of man.

love sovereign UEFA EURO of big dial Yu Bo great king 2012

This is the latest is the wrist form that European cup designs, the dial with 48 mms canned be regarded as at present the biggest size.But is done not seem to be decorous by Wang Jin and the case of watch that porcelain and ceramics create, surplus, on the contrary the arrogant is hundred percent.The layout of dial is satisfied to contain Yu at the same time of the Bo is to the esteem of football:The 45 minutes timer in center is specialized is European cup game but design-this time that is exactly half time football game.2012 European cup the official marking clearly occur a form back of blue precious stone mirror noodles, but the inspiration come from the football pattern of this marking to surround on all sides, inside the outside act in cooperation.To know this cooperates the most intimate brand with football at present now, as early as 2009, they start sponsoring Manchester United football team.


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