luxurious woman exclusive physical labor private rose gold female form

Chocolate color, diamond and ruby
The calendar type is made with the 18 ct abyss of time rose gold, have special shining sheen, go together with a dial with the chocolate color on this week, the hour marking on the dial insets 8 diamonds and then insets two rectangular rubies at 6:00 and 9:00.

This of oyster type watch band and the 18 ct abyss of time rose gold adopted by case of watch, from physical labor private the oneself cast the factory Zhu system, then send to an industrial plant to carry on processing.This kind of pink metal alloy is developed by private of physical labor, went into a platinum gold more, it sent forth a kind of incomparable and meticulous and warm tone the pink gold.Model, process and beat grinder’s preface to more acquire double moreover with quiet attention of protect, it send forth the 18 ct abyss of time rose gold special gleam glory.

Calendar type on 36 millimeters of weeks oyster type case of watch, promise waterproof 100 meterses, is the model of perfect proportion and elegant style.The special intermediate case of watch is cast with the whole piece 18 ct solid gold but becomes.The bottom cover passes physical labor private the special tool Xuan of the form Jiang is tight, make the case of watch completely seal completely.Chain the double of the form hat adoption patent padlock waterproof system, and on the case of watch firmly the Xuan is tight.The triangle turn outside the pit line is a physical labor is the private’s one big esthetics characteristic.The mirror noodles then pares off blue crystal glass of Sun with the anti- manufacturing, establish in the 3:00 position convex deeply the type enlarge a calendar window, the convenience reads date.The week calendar that completely seals completely type oyster type the case of watch give the best protection of precise machine Xin.

Week calendar type the equipment is completely developed by private of physical labor of 3155 Xins that automatically chain machine machine.Like the motive Xin had persistence, 3155 machine Xins also acquired an official consultation approbation chronometer attestation.The attestation exclusively distributes and passes the precise wrist forms of Switzerland precise chronometer tests examination in the center(COSC) for success.The structure of this machine Xin is as same as all oyster type machine Xins, all precise dependable.As the heart parts of wrist form, its equilibrium balance adopted blue PARACHROM of the physical labor private’s patent to visit silk and made by special metal alloy oneself.This visits silk to be free from magnetic field interference, when the temperature changes still pretty much stable, visit the silk anti- earthquake dint Gao Chu’s decuple than the tradition.

The oyster type watch band of calendar type is made with the 18 ct abyss of time rose gold, provide with royal crown to take to button up on this week.This elegant solid chain stanza the watch band is developed by the private of physical labor and acquire patent, wear comfort, operate also very simple.


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