LONGIO(gallery bridge) hold HUKE(Zhu guest) to be unveiled a bright joss-stick river

domestic high level wrist form brand LONGIO(gallery bridge) hold a Chinese head the bronze material machine style the diving wrist form-ZHUKE(Zhu guest) is unveiled a bright joss-stick river.From trade in Hong Kong development bureau, Hong Kong form manufacturer will limited company and Hong Kong clock limited company in the industry head quarter sponsor of the 31th Hong Kong Watch& Clock Fair international clock exhibition in Hong Kong settle formal open on September 5-9, numerous wrist forms are bright to living Hui, country form LONGIO will also contend for with set with more than 120 form brands and 12 extremely rare wrist forms of international high class system form brandses gorgeous.

“The guest of the Zhu” is a container, an out of Chu’s country, weigh 400 kilograms and symbolize the bronze of right and wealth big Ding;Point a group of persons again, a flock of have professional technical ability and have a free identity and Be shuttled to each various Hou country handicrafts of identity generic name, hangs thousand histories,such as Mr., to lose class(Lu class) and Europe Ye son as well in its row.The Zhu guest is a kind of attitude, a kind of excelsior, pursue into the Ning of attaining the perfect craftsman spirit to do;It can even is a loading history and record bronze quality art of time to attain an article and calm down to place wrist one corner with the elfevident, together with wear common witness history vicissitudes of life, the years is motley.

“Gallery bridge · Zhu guest” bronze material machine style diving wrist form

The bronze is mankind to receive from the Hong of the beginner will use of the first metal, the gallery bridge uses this as the machine wrist form Zhu guest’s corpus material and pays respects to the great renew of China time art.The revolve type form turn fold to match classic revive old customs a butt form of case of watch, whet in the beating of traditional handicrafts under, the Zhu guest passes regular ancient plain bronze color and luster and slightly takes rough tentacle texture, with absolutely original the way of ecosystem present in the people of this world in front.The spacious dark color fastens a dial like bottomless black hole, while pointing exploring of the needle You You fluorescence and shining on, guide people Be gone in secret to extremely deep sea, look for those secrets that once buried for the time.Carry a high sophisticated technique, its row Hai spirit device is good enough to support the deep sea within 500 ms to explore to visit.Along with changing of time, the bronze material oxidizes formative motley color and luster, not only can’t influence case of watch of sex-like in shape, but just like years erosion, each Zhu guest the wrist form will be given as different as chalk and cheese time trace by its host and become the one and only time witness.

The gallery bridge arises from lord design and manufacturing depth waterproof wrist form from 2005.Currently Euro-American watertightness degree in the market is in the 1000 m or so diving brand form, also many is made by the labor of gallery bridge, won the extensive approbation and good public praise of industry insider on the technique and the craft, the gallery bridge it may be said well-known depth dives the professional manufacturer of form.Successfully releasing independent brand gallery bridge TELAMON series 1000 m depth to dive wrist form from 2009 is subjected to height of large wrist form fancier in the world great fame.This time gallery bridge holds Zhu the guest be unveiled Hong Kong form exhibition and expand the craftsman spirit of traditional China with this and pay respects Shuo once extremely and China the ancient Chinese handicraft bronze Ye Zhu of the civilization star sky technical skill.


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