with dream of a to take off the classic wrist form of international airplane pilot to appreciate

fly up blue sky, the hover horizon was a many people to have since the childhood of dream, however to the majority, driver’s airplane finally just dream, forever hang in the sky and generally, can not carry out.However wear a flight form(Pilot’s Watch) to satisfy oneself to place oneself the beautiful dream in the cockpit but easily carry out much, plus to fly form to usually have design, dependable quakeproof of clear and simple and direct noodles dish and defend magnetism ability, even have been already accounted the stop-watch pass two time zones to design, no wonder that regardless is at domestic or abroad, fly forms all have been enjoying form fan’s fancy.

nowadays form altar in, most with fly form Zhao to call of probably must belong to international form IWC.Have IWC for sealing number of”form engineer Jie” international form in the clock industry vegetable, was born in more than 140 year agos, like this long history origin, mold international form of an IWC to design in the clock industry in the position that can not wipe out.At it representative brand form among the style, particularly with”fly form” of the territorial air space that dominates a century always that time still the tasty of player collect as treasure.

As for Chronograph of IWC Pilot’s and UTC then are rated as was additional to ascend to account stop-watch with the flight form of second time zone function, also added a colorful different feature for IWC flight form, the following let we to appreciate the plentiful Zi of these classic wrist forms. Big Pilot large wrist form of airplane pilot:The biggest automatic machine Xin just for navigates to design 2002 IWC reply to engrave a large airplane pilot wrist form for the first time Big Pilot, be rated as to fly the reach the peak in the wrist form it make.What it provides with 51110 exclusive production machine Xin, coagulated international form long consummate craft that pass through test.It not only is currently in the world the biggest automatic machine Xin, more the equipment compares a Lei to automatically chain system, can at most the in a short time store 8 and half days’ power storage, also when patent mechanism’s revolving in the precision can not chain after 7 days then stop machine Xin to operate, avoid any account error margin.In 2006 IWC international form Big Pilot slightly change to release new style of, it the features of minute hand and dial design after modification, more cultured concord.

Mark XVI the wrist form of airplane pilot, stainless steel case of watch, the form path is 39 millimeters, , cent second, date, 30110 autos chain machine Xin, the watertightness is 60 meters, crocodile skin watch band.

Mark 16 mark 16 wrist form of airplane pilots:Fusion tradition and modern of classic

IWC classic mark series fly the most famous form of the special feature lie in a noodles dish design to let the pilot easily read to control time at any time, most new generation mark 16 wrist form the diameter enlarge 39 millimeters of, the noodles dish diameter enlargement combine the design of gauge in the mimicry cockpit, more simple and direct and clear easily read;Replied SuperLumiNova patent fluorescence coating at the same time the needle is at dial and, let time show to see at a glance.Form style the style Be cultured to revive old customs, while it is superior to defend a Ci protection the function make wrist form operate outstanding precise.Mark 16 wrist forms provide with 30110 Xins that automatically chain machine and revolve accurate let people the letter take, 42 hour, power storage, accurately display a date in time.


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