Switzerland the United States degree form the seventh night of the seventh moon stanza recommend to the form

the seventh night of the seventh moon Valentine’s Day arrive, the Switzerland the United States degree form Qing feeling presents four greatest serieses four styles of to the forms:Being to cross thousand years of perfect lover is the moment that meets by chance in the prosperous city to move, is cross over difficulties difficult to cross the deep feeling after hug to each other, is love tender feelings honey within mumbling thin language idea.The United States degree abyss of time that never corroborates time with angle, the record true love is invincible ……

Each moving love, at the sea change however for an instant;Cent when a moment love was very thick sweet each time, at each loverses but is the abyss of time.Feel a true love of at the same time, bear firmly in mind this thick feeling time with the elegant wrist form of recording precise time, this isn’t the convention, but the courteous reception to the love and witness, to future commitment and the responsibility.

the United States degree perfect series to the perfect lover of form-time and space traveler
The ancient Rome arena of more than 2000 year agos with outstrip ages of outstanding design and incomparable vehemence of Hui Hong became the abyss of time of classic, also become the inspiration source that perfect one the United States degree series designs.The endless distance of thousand years time and space shortens because of love, two people love each other, will use the Hong ditch that strong feelings overcomes time and space, wait upon each other whole life thus.From Rome in thou arrive at that moment, again till future, only perfect then the love for deducing can the abyss of time, become the perfect lover of the traveler of time and space.

Arena in thou Rome enriches the building structure of creating the dint very much to accept 50,000 audiences at the same time and lets each audience own the best visual effect, this classic perfect design crosses time and space, down to date inspiration source that it still becomes modern gymnasium’s designing.The United States degree perfect series draws the inspiration of taking circular arena in Rome of deriving from the thou to the form, blends the meaning of building, wrist form and lover together and deduces the love of shuttling the time and space.Possibly its design earth made use of a dial of can see space, make to read count very convenient.The shape of form turn also derives from the design of arena, the reserved box that rises and falls to have a preface on the dial’s designing is exactly a mimicry stairs, reduced the edge of form turn at the same time.The considerate lovers style shape designs, not only at in shape a vein mutually accept, more chose a stainless steel material on the material, made the watch withstand beating of years more to whet, let they and love together, in the passage of the time, witness perfect love.

The United States degree perfect series male the form is a style of all new function outstanding, the personality with sheer vitality wrist form.Keep blue precious stone mirror noodles of Xuan purpose from making dial and the needle is clear, outstanding.Super-LumiNova?Of the processing needle and dial even if is under the dusk environment, read number the clear convenience is also.The 100 meters waterproof and transparent bottom cover to the utmost shows wrist form outstanding function.The United States degree perfect series female the form follow the design style of perfect series and create the visual field of infinite comprehensiveness in the limited dial space.This design can satisfy any esthetics standard that most engrave for the Ke while promising function and not only let up the thickness of dial and use a blue precious stone to defend mirror noodles at the same time and try hard for with maximum limit space of extending the dial.The dial is pointed needle by Arabic numerals and silver quality to delicately divide the line, go to elegant qualities of the female’s pole to contain between the classic design.Special needle design at white of dial on seem to be particularly for fine, depend on Super-LumiNova?Of processing technique, even if the night in utter darkness,can promise to let you clearly read a number.Point a needle position to place at 3:00 at the same time, also have the function that the date shows.Passing whole transparent dial back hulls can immediately appreciate its Jing vulture putting of thin Zhuo Tuo.The United States degree AQUADURA form hat system for possessing singly ensures its outstanding waterproof function.This style of auto matches a personality to the as one pleases form of shape, express characteristic time idea, present the most perfect love with the classic building of outstripping thousand years.

the United States degree cloth Lu Na series to the form-mostly will of romantic legend
Chrysler mansion, the landmark building of this New York once in numerous movies witness one and other beautiful love, also became an one the United States degree cloth Lu Na series’ creations source for form, at were perfect art and wrist form to combine at the same time, construct love magic magnetic field with the inspiration that the moment triggers, inform not and together any modern love idea that rings-is responding of inspiration, is if have if have no of feeling, is mostly will be familiar male the mature women love story, more that time the being in remembrance of of love of the witness the abyss of time.

The cloth Lu Na series to form unprecedented in history of with in the world the first skyscraper-New York landmark Chrysler mansion is design the source of inspiration.Be construct the masterpiece on the history, the steel structure iron hull type external appearance of Chrysler mansion, streamlined outline, the sharp crest designs for reaching to the sky all give it the strength for moving people’s heart and make it is the wood’s masterpiece of building in the world in the hundred years history for public admire.This design must border on a perfect excellent building, witness a hundred years history, ignore the modern construct a style how change, always have it classic position.Is positive as it does, it becomes the design soul of one the United States degree cloth Lu Na series place, art ground grace and strength that will construct Be perfect to combine, congeal each a moment happiness of life.Male what style design with simple and direct watch inform is a male of resolute and courageous and strength, but female form the fine craft then embody a female completely of elegant and gentle and soft, this kind of special qualities, outstripped Chinese traditional love in usually meaning of exceedingly sentimental, more several cents, modern people of big-hearted with independence, constant of but is an eternal love.This style of romance that is a kind of maturity to the form, is once mostly will of meet by chance, is also a city brushing past of men and women if have if the feeling for having no.

The cloth Lu Na series man the wrist table 316 L the stainless steel go together with PVD the rose gold case of watch restored the low key that has already behaved to take delight in talking about since 30’s in last century of several what the form building body structure.The shape that Chien invites makes its sense of vision up have architectural tension more.Form turn the curve moderate but soft, but the dial engrave one degree lines of robust with right angle design with of the formation is anti- bad, interest the idea is full of life.Point needle mimicry the mansion keep into the sharp crest of cloudy regions, stately the sting breaks the horizon line of New York.Defend to pare off to row blue precious stone crystal mirror noodles to availably protect a fuselage, but can also observe the operation of machine Xin through the transparent back bottom.100 meters promised while aring waterproof, assembling to have through automatic machine Xin in the astronomical observatory of COSC attestation, making the United States degree further in the attestation wrist form realm in astronomical observatory, providing to more precisely walk for consumer at the same time.

The Chrysler mansion is built up of age, the female beginning advocates dashing about of independence and ego liberation over there ages, many value appearances and life style of its display aroused important echo in the society.The style of cloth Lu Na series female the form is exactly the true emersion to this advanced thought:Numerous females vision was attracted to the characteristic that its grace dazzles the eyes, and the female love form of in pursuit of high-quality quality provided a captivating choice.The gold watch hull wraps up the diameter as 33 millimeters of dials, as if the window of Chrysler mansion reflect the ray of and to the utmost show the building style of modern art doctrine.The stainless steel watch band goes together with to button up by folding form to make this style of diamond wrist form more cultured, feminization.Persist the lady of the wrist form creation craft and discover surprise ground, the style’s wrist form does a work choiceness fashionable, embody original tasty, the dial engraves one degree decoration with 12 diamonds(total 0.030 carats), at defend to pare off to row of reflecting of blue precious stone mirror noodles Chen the bottom show shining glory more.The transparent bottom cover design make you can appreciate to engrave to have the thin the Jing work of one the United States degree sign makes machine of Xin of operation.Spiral form hat, 100 meters are waterproof, this is also the outstanding advantage that one the United States degree cloth Lu Na series shows Zhao.

The United States degree cloth Lu Na series to form witness mostly will of love, become city the men and women express a love of had better choose.


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