the poem of river the poem Dan and Chinese origin history

1755, young clock Jiang Jean-Marc Vacheron at the Switzerland Genevan city center establish own clock utility room.Continuously delve into to make a form craft.In 1819, experienced businessman Francois the posterity of Constantin and Jean-Marc Vacheron cooperate and established a Vacheron the Constantin river poem Dan.

the year produce 19000 wrist forms, river poem Dan be called “is extravagant to arrive inside” by the drama, 257 years of time Tao washes “Ma Er ten words” of to still keep livinging Hui.World exquisite good Ci, as well have no dint to catch horary trace.River poem Dan but engrave its Juan into the art object of nobility.

200 year agos, the craftsmans of Genevan attic build an enamel pocket-watch, the Piao ocean leads sea and send to Chinese emperor hand in.After 200 years, the rich men of China with owning it is tasty of symbol.

the pure imperial house once twice made to order a river poem Dan enamel form

1755, be Jean-Marc Vacheron establish river the poem Dan brand in Switzerland Geneva of time, is experiencing the dynasty in Qing Dynasty in faraway eastern country China.The emperor that governed at that time is Qianlong, was like his grandpa, Kangxi Ye, , also the clock fancier of fanaticism.Collect many import since then each kind of clock from the west.The then China still keeps adopting the old time system of 12 hours systems, so the western clock combines Be been not suitable for to calculation China of style time, therefore the member of imperial house’s nobility just sees the clock as is an interesting strange Qiao trick, will along with take some pocket-watches as have fun of use.

1845, the river the poem Dan and a business of China market cooperate a quilt to load in historical records for the very first time, at that time river poem Dan delivered a batch of kinds form to China, but there was still no clock market in China at that time.After receiving this news, river poem Dan the plan that has never postponed to expand a huge China market.But is still keep a company with China Mao relation, input some clocks of superior qualities into China.

1846, Tao Kuang emperor period, although broke out in the land in China on the Opium War, luxurious Manchu Dynasty imperial house still to river poem Dan ordered an enamel pocket-watch, among them on just inseting a style with the gold form of the natural pearl, the outstanding enamel painting expressed two white pigeons scene in various colorful flowers, it make people look over difficult forget.In 1862, Manchu Dynasty eighth term emperor-together cure to mount the throne, 3 years after, Manchu Dynasty another imperial house to river poem Dan order a blue enamel pocket-watch that insets diamond, but it has been 110 years since the river the poem Dan Dun company at this time developed.

river poem Dan Chinese area representative staff member tell the finance mangaing weekly paper the reporter, at river poem Dan form factory in early days of in the file record, kept many products orders that came from China.In addition to telling the time form, ten thousand calendar forms, enamel forms, the contents of order also has the outside turn various”abnormal shape form” of jewelry form, pornography form and the shape mimicry shapes, such as insect and fruits…etc. for inseting pearl and ruby.

Chinese chemical element gobble up

20’s in last century European Gao Ding Biao

20’s in 20th century, along with decorate the fad of art style, river poem Dan also drew to take many inspirations from traditional culture of China and released the fascinating work that a series have something to do with China.

“‘ Hivan-Tsang’ is a wiser of China, legend he at outgoing of time always two monkeys accompany with or so, an on his shoulder, but another feet that then embrace him” the above-mentioned staff member said, river poem Dan a table clock of be take this as topic but design of, clinch a deal price 160, 250 Switzerland francs, publish in 1925.The Gao agate material in black formed clock hull, the shape of Hivan- Tsang adopted red and coralline material and also inset the red coral of different size in the clock parts, such as hull and base…etc., the in the interval embellishes to have radiant and extremely keen diamond and horarily show the part is opened the door by one cover up, be open it, will appear a from pearl shell mother the material create of clock dish, pointed needle and engraved degrees to all adopt to carve an enamel craft to carry on modifier.

see a river poem Dan a style of table clock that release in 1926 time dish, probably will associate the story of Three Kingdoms historical novel first, this is a style of timer that completely takes Chinese culture as a special feature, the base of the jadeite manufacturing up is the oval container in red, open this the radian door in the container, three ancient of the warrior will present, they take respectively the different weapon carry on belligerence, these person shapes include behind of all of the background adopted to choke a silk enamel craft and engraved a degree to then choose Chinese traditional hour-“son, ugly, Yin, Mao ……” mean.Ancient Chinese culture becomes the important chemical element of this momentary period river the poem Dan art clock.

make in 1929 of snuff pot shape table clock also it is thus clear that one spot, clinch a deal price 41, 400 Switzerland francs.The snuff pot in the Manchu Dynasty disheveled hair exhibition becomes 1 kind’s canning be provided to appreciate of art object, have among them choose different material to make of, there is also the species to decorate various craft.But river poem Dan the unprecedented in history ground choice snuff pot the external appearance shape that is a clock, on the other hand adopt materials, such as Gao agate and azure stone…etc. to match with to carve a craft to carry on adornment(snuff pot the body has the pattern that Chinese female takes lotus), make use of a rotary hour number to present for a time on the other hand.

HongKong-Macau regression specially made form super capacity

1997 a style of”Mercator” that draws to have Chinese map wrist surface a life time, it is in honor of July 1, 1997 Hong Kong regression China but specially make of, on the dial with choke silk enamel the craft make a show of a several in the provinces of district, the ancient carrack visits Yi’s waters in Hong Kong, it making people remember Hong Kong is an appearance of port till 19th century.Moreover a style of wrist form(the capacity 18 K the pink gold style is 97) that is in remembrance of Hong Kong regression China, then engrave in the dial full general hour the degree is marked with”1, 2, 3, 4 ……”, also have a horizontal row Chinese characters is “July 1, 1997”.

1999 regression China in Macau, river poem Dan also specially created to be in remembrance of form and most remained for the eye-catcher is its dial-draw the enamel dial of having Macau geography position.

September 19, 2004, river poem Dan took part in “clock miracle” exposition that is held in the Forbidden City ancestral temple of Peking by the group of Li Feng.Is an ever big pure dynasty to offer sacrifices to the saint palace of ancestor, past specially the invitation love lately feel Luo ·Pu term wrote “clock miracle” four words, Pu’s allowing is the younger brother of Chinese the last generation emperor Pu instrument.River poem Dan before administration chief executive officer Mr. Proellochs of Claude-Daniel a “Patrimony” that has superior quality in Geneva to print to record the super thin machine wrist form present to the Pu allow.

river poem Dan the craftsman workshop of Gao Ding-attic of specially make to order

the luxury goods beat “a little amount, rare” concept for the lord, even have some is “Gu article”.A lot of international front-line extravagant brands have a liking for for the last few years, luxury goods the sale growth in China quantity, released high class to make to order in China one after another, but made to order to seem to be already to become luxury goods brand to conduct necessary means.River poem Dan also in this aspect of high class making to order under foot effort, even certainly have the technical term-attic craftsman workshop to specially make to order to Gao.

the source of its name be because ex- expect, make form in the clock industry development of all of teachers is create wrist form in the attic, past therefore get.Because river poem Dan rightness specially make to order of guest’s order strictly keep secret, this undoubtedly makes these special to make to order a product to cover with a layer a mysterious color, although can not reveal customer’s information, external appearance and allocation of form still all have according to can check.

the case of watch adopt the 18 Ks 5 N class pink gold, the diameter is 47.00 millimeters of, the case of watch carves a craft to depict 12 Chinese Zodiac Sign pictures in China by handicraft on all sides, the dial adopts 18 K platinum, handicraft carvings, the minute of white paint engraves a degree, the dial has 818 Ks pink gold a hour to engrave a degree, while the watch band is a hand to nail to make a deep Fei color square crocodile skin watch band in line Mississippi, the form buttons up the 18 Ks 5 N pink gold watch to then button up.

can permit an everyone bold guess according to 12 Chinese Zodiac Sign patterns of on the side in fact, make to order the person of this form to think necessarily is the love form of Chinese personage.But its price probably nothing of exorbitant price, however herein state of mind but rather worth ponder.

1912 river poem Dan in order to be in remembrance of 100 anniversaries, river poem Dan provided with a rare precious metal PT950 platinum gold to create case of watch and made a show of 47.6 millimeters of in 36.7 ×s smallest area up, best material plus the all new design of the butt form wrist form, accomplished capacity 100 Malte Maltas.All the bottom covers of each wrist form mark contains independent serial number, equipment the navy blue color crocodile skin watch band in Mississippi and 950 platinum golds of Malta ten word design the form button up.

precious”superior quality in Geneva prints to record”

concerning 200 year agos system form the master need expend how many years just can complete the creation of a piece of form, we have already had no from know, but the river of now poem Dan contain his/her own production line.River poem Dan the craft that will make form divide the line and it is meticulous, each make form person overrun a contents and beat to whet, the carvingses is all been responsible for by specially assigned, even in selection the dial, case of watch material be also opposite should of representative director.Manage finance weekly paper the reporter understand, only some the style preciously making to order form just probably hand over by a person or a small team to come to whole distance creation, while this is also expensive price Gao Ding Biao’s value place.

precious”superior quality in Geneva prints to record” is to come from high class system the form is traditional of outstanding standard, first, its machine Xin construction, adjust school and pack hull all to carry on in the Genevan state.But the applicant have to trade to register association to carry on registration in the Genevan state.And each machine Xin and case of watches have to alone serial number, so the yield of this kind of form is again very few, if want to make to order form like this to perhaps can not call that it specially makes to order for attic craftsman workshop, but call that it makes to order for eminent and complicated wrist form.Creation like this basically from a person, or several individuals constitute of team to follow and complete whole of make form process.Is only because the cost of its manpower, price can not small Qu.

Watches are prized possessions for most of us. We love to be seen with a handsome watch. They really do make us good-looking and fashionable.


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