the Hao deliver watch:The own Tuo in China flywheel machine Xin

China in Guangzhou form industry the limited company establish in 1996, in 15 years of development process, proud the Yang courageously enter and face difficult but up, try for the best, grow up to an individual proprietorship business enterprise of professional manufacturing upscale Tuo flywheel wrist form.
The road that start a business for 15 years, the company takes trustworthiness as origin, generous vein relation for acting towards people an establishment to rise own person;Is continuously creative on the technique, try hard for perfect;Strictly guard a pass on the management, meticulous, is exactly by dint of is persevering of pursue with unremitting effort, just as since go toward, steady management, do gradually to greatly do strong.
The company establishes initial stage, the decision layer judges the hour and sizes up the situation and decides that assemble and production that will have a foothold at the machine form are aftertime’s development strategy;Combine to pass annually large clock exposition of taking part in Switzerland, Hong Kong etc. ground, expand own popularity.Because the reputation is good, the technique is consummate, quality over hard, the company successively acquires affirmation of national well-known business enterprises like Europe and America,etc, is authorized for it under of the form labor from in world produce(namely stick card OEM), particularly is to entrust a labor to produce the Tuo flywheel wrist form, make the comprehensive real strenght of company get to promote very greatly.Among the cooperation in decade, China the form industry handed over answering of satisfaction book.
Global financial turmoil in 2008, influence and, the company develops a direction to equally face a rigorous test.Pass extensive market research, the company makes policy a layer to gradually form a consensus:Now that the labor produce of the Tuo flywheel stick card(OEM) wrist form, can wait nation to go place in the Europe and America and explain that the product of Chinese manufacturing is regardless a quality up still price, all really have international competitiveness!The wrist form of manufacturing in China, lack of Be just a good brand, the good style designs just.
More than 10 years of production process and stick a card(OEM) to produce foreign famous brand wrist form experience of the backlog, it is full of self-confidence the company decision layer and presume a challenge and decide the brand that to create oneself, and want to create to belong to the Tuo flywheel wrist form of top-class level in the clock field!
The Tuo flywheel wrist form means to have the machine form of “revolve to capture Zong to adjust soon organization”, it represents the tallest level in the machine form manufacturing craft, is called “the king in the form”.It is complicated, nicety of core technique, to is monopolized by Switzerland, come and go to only provide princes and dukes nobility have fun, up to now, still draw on machine form the fancier don’t hesitate heavy the gold purchase.
Since the end of 20th century, the clock of Hong Kong, China master Jiao big Mr. Yu, and the ability work clever artisans of several big watch factories in Hangzhou, Tienjin, and Shanghai…etc. successively and successfully develop Chinese the Tuo flywheel machine Xin that owns an independent intelligent property right.This is the Chinese pride, also the pride of Chinese clock manufacturing industry!
China in Guangzhou form industry the limited company hold hands each local big machine Xin factory, the common development combines Chinese the Tuo flywheel machine Xin of all adoptions and with meticulous care releases the Tuo flywheel wrist form of series luxurious atmosphere.Is ambidexterity in designing external appearance, and go together with with the outer shells, such as platinum gold and 18 K rose gold…etc., blue precious stone form mirror, crocodile leather watch band, inset diamond to wait an upscale material, to the utmost show highly respectable extraordinary.
The company registers its”Hao hair card” trademark.”Hao hair” namely the breadth of view”Hao feeling life ambition” but”make firm resolve”!The clock business that expects China can develop rapidly, the Tuo flywheel wrist form of Chinese brand can ascend a form placard in world!This is its implied meaning place!
March 2 in 2011, China the form industry belong to”the Hao hair Tuo flywheel wrist form monopoly store” of next race brand in the house in the white cloud of Guangzhou City ten thousand to reach square to formally start practice, in the days to come, the company will set up more”Hao hair the Tuo flywheel wrist form monopoly store” in each big city.This is another heroic act that beats to ring Chinese brand, certainly, this just just started, China form industry the team was hard working hard, prepared rose in the heart the blue print that the Teng rose paid of realization!

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