Longines wave piano watch how

wave piano watch how?See a low grade card knowledge first

wave piano the form originate 1832, from a young businessman Auguste Agassiz establishment.He starts conducting clock business in Switzerland Saint-Imier by own name, afterward, his nephew Ernest Francillon skillfully expand his business for the clock company that more has scale and set up to make a form industrial plant in Les Longines of Switzerland in 1866, while the wave Qin Biao company as well is registered with”Longines” name in 1867, proclaims its birth.Strive relentlessly the ground look for breakthrough on the technique, is that the wave piano form is steady the main reason of position for sitting a leadership.Each chronometer produced by wave piano form has accuracy and as well endows with superior design and character at the same time.Because 1879 creates to make first to account stop-watch after, the wave piano form as well leads to produce the first quartz form in 1969.Another achievement of wave piano form is characteristic but creation that makes use of quartz vibration to jump a word to suggest, becoming a the adoption LCD is this invention for body to show of, settled a wave piano form is creating an idea to read and make the imposing position of form science and technology.From thou up to now, the wave piano form is supported and trusted by the public adventurer.The vanguard navigator and aviation house that writes down a glorious record in history, like Lindbergh, Chamberlain, Louis-AmedeedeSavoie, and Byrd…etc., all shoulder to shoulder investigate, create together an outstanding score with wave piano form.

wave piano the watch be usually walked science and technology develops of before follow, announce to make a first wrist form in 1905, make an electromagnetism watch with the thinnest world in 1960, develop a global head in 1969 the electronics magnetism quartz form- wave piano Ultra-Quartz super quartz form.Next year, at Switzerland saint Mo Li(St. Moritz) the world holding soon decline a skiing(Downhill Skiing World Cup) game in, the wave piano watch first time issues a machine to deliver time by figures signal way to directly show on TV screen in the world with the electronics.In 1979, the wave piano watch cooperates with other clock brands and develops “Feuille d’ Or” wrist form and becomes world’s thinnest quartz wrist form, afterward releases famous Conquest wrist form in 1984 and provides with highly accurate machine Xin(Very High Precision).

All wave piano watch wrist form serieses all crumple to match accurate and elegant whole body, positive such as wave piano watch advertisement of”elegant attitude


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