accumulate a Tuo the flywheel wrist form I is invisible of conversion is concrete United States

clock design master while creating of, usually match with the shape and function of chronometer, invisible of time convert into concrete United States.Accumulate a form factory to release the I spheroid Tuo flywheel wrist form of Gyrotourbillon I, again push clock esthetics toward higher layer.

dial above of design with Chien about is lord with bring into relief the pleasant impression of Tuo flywheel, often exergue and power storage show not to presumptive guest usurps the role host, Panchiao with metal thin silk vulture become, let people can an eye hope to wear a dial and appreciate the balance in the orb form Tuo flywheel and capture Zong structure.This Tuo flywheel a little bit tilts to one sides and sees for the head of dial.The whole wrist form shows unintentionally in everywhere invulnerable perfect, not only have each important function, but also set off to accumulate a different style.

accumulate the I spheroid Tuo flywheel wrist form of a Gyrotourbillon the I is all new of 177 hands move the new moon machine Xin diameter 36.3 millimeters, thick 10.85 millimeters, imply 679 modules, have various function and designation, including power storage, often exergue, day and leap year, and time the error margin show.Thus consummate performance, again proves to accumulate a form factory doesn’t wish content with present condition and continuously beg to lately beg to change of earnest style.This wrist form data scale from left go to a right cent to list on a dial, recognize by convenience.More special place the that day period work for marking, from two time jumps type point needle share:The left points needle to mark the first half month, the right points needle to mark the second half month;Two needles use every 16th as boundary, and totally point during the day’s continuous 24 hours”16″;Go to on the 17th zero:00, the left points needle to jump into point of departure in a sudden, the right points needle to then continue to go forward into”17″.

“time the error margin show function” of the I spheroid Tuo flywheel wrist form of Gyrotourbillon I automatic hold control jet lag, show that the permafrost is a clock field nowadays the extremely rare practical function for actual time.In fact, each actual length respectively has a difference and continuously produces the error margin in time on the earth.Therefore the I spheroid Tuo flywheel wrist form of Gyrotourbillon I provides with of 177 machine Xins, can know ° from the second minute hand of dial permafrost for real time.The needle, from an outside circle Xuan roll line cam control, and always probe into right location, mark a time error margin on the dial, be rated as a big intelligence type function.

the Tuo flywheel is in the beginning of invention, just for pocket-watch design, one-way and rotary Tuo flywheel already good enough to provide to well regulate a function.To the wrist form that carry position to continuously change, Tuo flywheel have to much to turn, so as to develop real efficiency.Accumulate a form factory to would be is developing 177 Tuo flywheels of machine Xins under the background like this.Its outside turn is made into with the lightest aluminum metal alloy, every 60 rounds stalk to rotate for a week;The device of seamy side is made into with the titanium metal alloy and the aluminum metal alloy, include an equilibrium balance and visit silk with capture Zong structure, principal axis and the former become 90 degrees, every 24 rotates for a week.This Tuo flywheel with 90 spare partses constitute, always weigh only and 0.336 gram.The treasure Ji type visits silk then with each frequency(namely per hour 21,600 times flap repeatedly) of 3 hertzs at liberty vibration.World the rare and precious thing is usually expensive at rare, the I spheroid Tuo flywheel wrist form of Gyrotourbillon I as well not exception, only capacity in the world is 3, the extreme achievement Guan is expensive.

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