IWC international form Portuguese series wrist form

the Switzerland system form expert sand man Hao Sen IWCinternational formthe Portuguese series wrist form of product create excellent, is all the masterpiece in the precise machine, more than 70 in the last yearses are subjected to personage from love form in the whole world’s applause, be deeply rated as an example in the leisurely long history of realm when the machine accounts.Now, this successful wrist form the household add two styles of all new members who is cultured shape and only have tasty again:When Portugal accountedwrist formclassic version and Portuguese Tuo flywheel hand moved to chain wrist form.

style simple and direct Portuguese series from become available in the market the Yi start namely interesting with it, the design language of grace and go to attain to perfectly make a form craft, become being free from any time current or so classic style form style symbol.The long tradition of the IWC international form Portuguese wrist form household can trace back to to big voyage ages use of the precise voyage instrument-the navigators once asked for help of them to discover New Continent.The end of 1930’s in more than 500 years, two active in the Portuguese businessman of the wrist form profession visit to be located in the making of the sand man Hao Sen form factory after, while ordering to make to account with voyage the wrist form of instrument sort precision.The head of this adoption pocket-watch machine Xin, 1939 noodles City style the Portuguese wrist form takes delight in talking about for IWC international form important wrist form household establishing basis, more than 70 years after, , its precise function, large size and precise machine constructing being always the love form personage of the whole world.

interesting and cultured

all new Portugal account wrist form classic Chronograph of version Portuguese Classic(model number 3904) his/her unique and free from vulgarity interesting and cultured design Be ascended to this popular wrist form the series Be all new to deduce, seem to be only more to have a special feature, make person’s a pleasant change of atmosphere because of its shape.When this Portuguese wrist form Section 2 within household accounted wrist form along with point characteristicses like needle,etc with built-in Arabic numerals, the rail type minute turn and slender leaf’s form of sign, inheritted title the cultural tradition and special feature of the source version from 30’s in 20th century Portuguese wrist form.The arch form edge form mirror design lets this diameter as 42 millimeters of wrist forms not only seeming seem to be cleverly made and lovely, more because of its adoption traditional glass form mirror, make its shape classic and harmonious, to the utmost show the United States of wrist form.

Portugal account the wrist form is classic style of the international form carrying IWC self-make 89361 machine Xins and just for measure longer account always but develop, can account as long as 12 hours.Show that record while accounting can easily read by time on the small dial.Cover through the transparent and blue precious stone glass bottom considerable appreciate 89361 machine Xins and decoration to have Geneva grain of put Tuo.The wrist’s form has red gold style of 18 K or Jing steel style, the equipment silver-plates respectively or dark blue and gray dial.

Tuo flywheel:Uncommon masterpiece

the Portuguese series combine together traditional and modern design and prospect machine technique of voyage instrument, and is known far and near with this.The Portuguese Tuo flywheel hand moves to chain Hand-Wound(model number 5463) of the wrist form Tourbillon of Portuguese skillful embody of this kind of perfect fusion.Is long through the large wrist form that 98900 machine Xins of test extremely suit to move to chain, it produces in the sand man Hao Sen form factory of a series of famous pocket-watch machine in Xin row first.The case of watch style Jing does, the point is outstanding, adopt a 18 K platinum or 18 K red gold material, just like it the cent ground display a simple and direct astringent special feature.Be located in the flight Tuo of”9:00″ position the flywheel Be generous to display the chronometer to constitute to°from the valuable parts, and completely present international form of an IWC to superbly make a form craft.The Tuo flywheel rotates in 60 for a week, the aim is offsetting the error margin that the Earth gravity leads to result in to the balance list side, expels the deviation of walking the speed per hour rate thus.The new arch form edge form mirror moves the external appearance of chaining the wrist form the Portuguese Tuo flywheel hand neater, give people more with the impression of classic harmony.

dial and case of watch match-the platinum style choose a dark blue and gray dial, 18 K red gold style the choice then silver-plate a dial.The IWC that the wrist form carries international form self-makes 98900 machine Xin equipment Jing vulture plating of thin Zhuo Nie silver metal alloy 3/4 bridge planks, can peep its true looks through the transparent and blue precious stone glass bottom cover.Derive from produce in 1920’s and continuously can improve of 98000 machine Xin series, the machine’s Xin gathers traditional and lately make form science and technology to progress at the whole body.The engineers of IWC international form repeatedly raise the flapping of equilibrium balance to per hour 28800 times for ensuring that the Portuguese Tuo flywheel hand moves to chain wrist form to excellently walk precise degree, also special.

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