did you know?World top-class ten name forms

they each all hasing noble blood relationship, imposing position, glorious history to still have is an expensive prestige, their prices are 6 in CNY number above, Be looked like to in China an in the price of file sedan.But they at respectively clock development history up do the outstanding contribution of , be rated as mankind’s machine to make wise peak.

100 reach Fei beautiful(PatekPhilippe)

foundation in 100 of 1839 reach Fei beautiful is that Switzerland is unique an existing is completely independently conducted by household of clock manufacturer.100 reach beautiful form of Fei to always value shape design and creation work preface, make the form work preface all in Genevan original factory completion, is unique an all machine Xins to get the brand of “superior quality in Geneva prints to record”(GenevaSeal) in numerous world brand forms.

river poem Dan(VacheronConstantin)

start to create in 1775, is the history is the longest and continues in the world time grows most of one of the forms.Initiate a person to let ·mark ·tile Shi the Long(Jean-Marc Vacheron) is an encyclopedic person’s author.River poem Dan be praised as the art object in the nobility, have been taking a key role in the Switzerland system form industry.

love that(AudemarsPiguet)

1875, Zhu Er Si ·Louis Si ·Ao virtuous Mo Si(Jules ·Louis Audemars) and friend Edwards ·the Ao thou Si Di ·the skin Jie together established to love that especially(Edward ·Auguste Piguet) form.In 1972, the high level that loved that to release the whole Jing steel material quality exercises the form series”Royal oak”(Royal Oak), become a form industry classic.

treasure Ji(Breguet)

1775, A ·Louis Si ·the treasure Ji(A ·Louis Breguet) established treasure Ji, this brand.The clock history of this recognized throughout the world classic person develops this brand in Paris first, after go to Switzerland.

treasure Ji the watch is deeply concerned by emperor’s clan, French king’s Louis 16 and Ma benefit the empress is all worshiping of treasure Ji.Expecting Er is firm gram of, the Pu hope the work of gold, big eminent writers, such as Zhong horse and Hugo…etc. in all once mentioned treasure Ji form as well.Ex- British queen Victoria and British prime minister the Churchill etc. celebrity to is all customer of treasures Ji.At present, the treasure Ji belongs to Switzerland Si fertile Qi group.


the foundation is at the international form in 1868 have”machine form expert” of call, each international wrist forms wants to experience 28 independent tests.Initiating the person is an American Buddha Luo Lun Ting ·Qiong Si(FlorentineA Jones).At present, the international form has more than 700 sales to order in the world, the product mainly sells into far east, Switzerland and Germany.


1874, Georges EdouardPiaget is with the machine Xin creation house.In 1940, the Piaget grandson expands an international market for the development of count form.The count form released super thin machine Xin in 1956.

60’s in last century, the count is concentrating on the research of complicated machine Xin and developing the design of top-class jewelry jewelry.From the design, creation wax model to inset a precious stone, the count form always takes orders the aim of excelsior.It”handcuffs wrist form”(cuff watches) and”coin wrist form”(coin watches) design outstanding, is the delicacy in the count form.

the card ground is second(Cartier)

card ground the history that is second to own more than 150 calendars is the manufacturing expert of French jewelry gold and silver jewelry.In 1888, pack machine ladys’ wear on card ground the bracelet that is second to try at the gold of inseting the diamond form.In 1938, card ground the form that was second to make minimum wrist in the world, and sent it to British princess Elizabeth.The card ground second watch has been the pet of upper-class society, no slackening of effort.

accumulate a house(JaegerLeCoultre)

Anne Tony ·pull to test to take off(AntoineLeCoultre) to establish a workshop in Switzerland in 1833.In 1844, he invented to measure the micron instrument that the accuracy attains a 1/1000 millimeter and made the clock spare parts process accuracy to raise consumedly.

accumulate the house released the thinnest machine machine Xin in the world in 1907, it was in the world to release minimum machine machine in 1929 Xin.In 1931, the accumulating a house exclusively makes for polo contestant releasing a style of wrist form, this form being actually rare classic in the upscale wrist form of.

physical labor private(Rolex)

physical labor the private initiate an artificial man Si ·the Wales is many men, in 1908 he is in Switzerland physical labor the private register for the trademark.20’s in 20th century, the physical labor private’s company developed waterproof watch.In 1953, the physical labor private released just for the diving form of frogman design.The design of the physical labor private’s watch is in the light of solemn, practical, not superficial style, be subjected to large numbers of person’s fancy.

Zhi cypress(Girard-Perregaux):

initiate person J ·F ·the Bautte1791 yearses create his a piece of watch.In 1854, Zhi cypress(Girard ·Perregaux) this name is born.Till the beginning of 20th century, the popularity of Zhi cypress continuously extends.In 1930, when the watch sale quantity exceeds a pocket-watch to sell quantity for the very first time, Zhi cypress 50 year agos settling the strategy of next development watch be proven being correct.In 1998, the Zhi cypress builds up branch in Japan, also a style of watch select “annual the best watch” in Japan.In 2000, the Zhi cypress built up branch in the United States.

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