summer the scorching blue fresh and cool dial polish an eyeball

much time, we discover, though the variety of current, the size, degree of thickness of wrist form, even at the shapes all in the variety, opposite come to say, the color of dial is to change so more, still keep being known as the majority of the black and white dichromatism, white is been partial to to a business and cultured, the black is been partial to to exercise with heroic.In addition, although the dial that also there is colors, such as coffee and dark yellowish green…etc., always can not with front both match.

but this year, but we discover, in order to count numerous factory houses, starting leading into the blue is the color of dial, scan widely to hope to go, “blue dial” really has a to shout 100 should of power.

the thickness only be super thin negative for 10.83 millimeters of treasure Po Villerets the form jumping small second hand wrist Be perfect to make a show of the elegant and capable qualities of classic Villeret series.The dial revives old customs to project a decoration vulture line paint noodles for Flinqu é and have multi-layer of transparent blue, change magically an incomparable ocean deep effect.The wrist form asks for help of this kind of delicate and equilibrium rule to reserve pure lines and presents to take the classical art work of having the original favor touch method.Inside place a super thin machine Xin 7663 Qs, own for 3 days, power storage, is the center, minute hand and snake the date of form point needle to provide constant power and go against the fan-shaped district of jumping the small second hand to establish at 6:00 direction.The form ear of the positive rear can carry out quickly adjusting of the date school at 5:00.

2010, the Louis Vuitton releases time to fly Xuan series and replaces a traditional hour to engrave a degree by 12 small cubes and created to read horary of all new way.This year, on its foundation, American cup that combines latest correction new match system, and then released the exclusively used for a sailing boat match of new style of.It has a charming blue and blue precious stone dial and shows a voyage special feature, and cans offer a glimpse of the United States of the movement of machines Xin.Once getting into game to pour to account stage, lightly push a form turn the button of for 8:00, dial 12:00 of account for small window space, 30 minutes of the small dial needle, and 5 cubes of the right side of the dial engraving degrees will make a homologous reaction with hint horary passage.

right, this is the middle of last year’s Yu Bo museum Gao Diao release at the Monaco ocean of can bear King of deep sea 4000 meters pressure Power Oceanographic 4000 serieses dive the latest style of form.The Yu Bo released a capacity 1000 titanium metal style and a capacity at that time 500 carbon fiber style, and this style of style that equally belonged to a carbon fiber, however, was whole with that before now black style of compare, the classic cowboy was blue to really give form of the style variety that was some to ask for an eye more, the second light cowboy blue dial replaced second only the black satin noodles pulled a silk dial, for shoulding point needle and engrave a degree to also change to plate Lao satin to this change the noodles pulled a silk processing and overalied buff color fluorescence Tu Ceng.

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