the Rui treasure form”Perpetual Calendar” ten thousand calendars

with don’t be different, complicatedwrist formof the world is again another country.After special two ask form and the flight Tuo flywheel wrist form and derive from Chronoswiss(Rui treasure form) of the Munich and release after publishing a complicated function to attain perfect ten thousand calendar wrist form.Early in 1985, proper Mr. Gerd-R. Lang distinctly renew machine chronometer of, then create an is precise to February 28, 2100 of ten thousand calendar wrist form.Should ten thousand calendar wrist the form is to adopt a 45 B.C. thou Kai Sa big emperor(Gajus Julius Caesar) of Rome according to astronomer Suo west the suggestion of the piano Ni(Sosigenes), revise thou Li in Rome but establishment of scholar slightly Li(Julian Calendar), probably the style is a Kai Sa big emperor to behave the achievement for taking delight in talking about most on political.Basically, scholar slightly Li(Julian Calendar) stipulate every four years one Run, after being also an even year of continuous three years the 365th, it is the leap year on the 366th to follow, is follow use the style up to now.However, but this style contains a small minor faults and causes Gao Li’s 13 a life times(Pope Gregory the XIII) in the Pope spaces in Rome’s revising new monthly calendar system after 1582.If with scholar slightly the Li(Julian Calendar) establish calculate, will compare with for yearly actual much time 11 divide 14(namely on the 0.0078th), fraction afraid long account, arrived in 16th centry A.D., accumulated deviation for 10 few days.The deviation of style causes religious festival’s appearing an error margin, therefore Pope puts forward to take into correction.Revise of method again simple however, needs to join a new rule:The tail number is 00 ages don’t add leap year, unless age ability drive 400 whole in addition to, then the year is leap year;Have 29 days in February.Give examples to say, 1700, 1800, 1900, 2100, 2200 etc. the year isn’t all leap year.

Quem Juckat(the idea is namely:Who care the correction of this kind of trivial matter)??Latin student association says like this.This be why Mr. Gerd-Rudiger. The Lang consideration creates the reason of”complicated function” wrist form.In fact this with the greatness system form teacher Thomas Mudge masterpiece relevant, soup Ma private in 1764 announce the first regardless at even year of and leap year all ability exactitude processing different date of month how much of the pocket-watch is also “ten thousand calendars” that are so called now.Experienced after 163 years, the first hand that has equally complicated function moved to chain wrist form to publish.Chronoswiss(Rui treasure form) ten thousand calendarses then carried Chronoswiss(Rui treasure form) appropriation self-made chain machine Xin of C.127, ten thousand calendar modules constitute to°from 50 modules around, credibility precise.

examine the creation tradition of clock with the systematic logical arrangement, is a Mr. The Lang system form philosophy of Gerd- Rudiger.In the middle of the analysis included the needle length design with proportion, dial and the case of watch creates up of meticulous processing.The wrist form function, credibility, precise degree and fine craft etc. each detail reaches into the tallest request, is also initial target.

so the strict ego request can through form carry transparent and blue precious stone crystal on form’s back the glass appreciate with quiet attention.This ten thousand calendar wrist the form carry of Chronoswiss(Rui treasure form) appropriation C. 127 autos chain machine Xin, the equilibrium balance per hour flaps to repeatedly reach to 21,600 times.Rolling automatic dish of bead bearings efficiently will store power to inform to visit silk.Under the status completely chained, the power storage can reach to for 40 hours.Nicety delicacy of complicated ten thousand calendar wheel gear the system is the soul place of this form.Choose to conceal perfect ten thousand calendar systemses to operate under the noodles dish, but didn’t make a show of the machine module of this nicety in the moment, pure is the consideration of technique.This ten thousand calendar wrist form in addition to precise designation week, date and month, also considerable month that see moon profit and loss mutually dish.

this C. 58,000,000 calendar modules of special of Be been placed in to it to press its axis to just turn a turn of diskette to constitute every 4 years from one.Its diskette edge ascend different depth of groove representative length different month mechanism.More special BE, differ from generally and fluently the hour hand circulates of month mutually the dish design, Mr. Gerd-Rudiger. Lang follows the negative hour hand of ancient pocket-watch becomes of month mutually etiquette and custom, let to overturn a traditional month mutually to draw on more on the impressions.Is well worth mentioning, this Chronoswiss(Rui treasure form) proprietary complications is ten thousand calendar modules, the cause creates from the fine machine module of Switzerland valley(Vallee de Joux) in Jura famous manufacturer Dubois-Depraz.This ten thousand calendar module diameter 26.2 mmses, the thick 5.2 mms, inset 30 precious stones.Big form hat and the waterproof turn direct assemble that corrects a key of this ten thousand calendar wrist forms have good waterproof function in linking a tube, the considerate design lets user need to periodically replace waterproof turn to ensure waterproof function.

Chronoswiss(Rui treasure form) is new style of ten thousand calendar wrist form, own elegance wonderful unique external appearance, white 925 pure silver surfaces match Poire the Stuart shape flow a blue steel of linear”Poire Stuart” style to point needle, beautiful skill case of watch go together with to up constitute to°from 36 solid modules, show top-class clock technical skill entirely.The coin line that differs from other Chronoswisses(Rui treasure form) typical models decorate form turn, with two ask the wrist form the case of watch for owning equally clean delicacy, is another great special feature of this ten thousand calendar wrist forms.Now, wear this charming wrist form on the wrist, heartily appreciate its pleasant impression!Make people particularly excited BE, whenever before month end, regardless is the 28th, the 29th, 30 or 31 days, the date points needles all will at moment jump till correct date of start, never error margin.

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