Longines wave piano watch how

wave piano watch how?See a low grade card knowledge first

wave piano the form originate 1832, from a young businessman Auguste Agassiz establishment.He starts conducting clock business in Switzerland Saint-Imier by own name, afterward, his nephew Ernest Francillon skillfully expand his business for the clock company that more has scale and set up to make a form industrial plant in Les Longines of Switzerland in 1866, while the wave Qin Biao company as well is registered with”Longines” name in 1867, proclaims its birth.Strive relentlessly the ground look for breakthrough on the technique, is that the wave piano form is steady the main reason of position for sitting a leadership.Each chronometer produced by wave piano form has accuracy and as well endows with superior design and character at the same time.Because 1879 creates to make first to account stop-watch after, the wave piano form as well leads to produce the first quartz form in 1969.Another achievement of wave piano form is characteristic but creation that makes use of quartz vibration to jump a word to suggest, becoming a the adoption LCD is this invention for body to show of, settled a wave piano form is creating an idea to read and make the imposing position of form science and technology.From thou up to now, the wave piano form is supported and trusted by the public adventurer.The vanguard navigator and aviation house that writes down a glorious record in history, like Lindbergh, Chamberlain, Louis-AmedeedeSavoie, and Byrd…etc., all shoulder to shoulder investigate, create together an outstanding score with wave piano form.

wave piano the watch be usually walked science and technology develops of before follow, announce to make a first wrist form in 1905, make an electromagnetism watch with the thinnest world in 1960, develop a global head in 1969 the electronics magnetism quartz form- wave piano Ultra-Quartz super quartz form.Next year, at Switzerland saint Mo Li(St. Moritz) the world holding soon decline a skiing(Downhill Skiing World Cup) game in, the wave piano watch first time issues a machine to deliver time by figures signal way to directly show on TV screen in the world with the electronics.In 1979, the wave piano watch cooperates with other clock brands and develops “Feuille d’ Or” wrist form and becomes world’s thinnest quartz wrist form, afterward releases famous Conquest wrist form in 1984 and provides with highly accurate machine Xin(Very High Precision).

All wave piano watch wrist form serieses all crumple to match accurate and elegant whole body, positive such as wave piano watch advertisement of”elegant attitude


the Hao deliver watch:The own Tuo in China flywheel machine Xin

China in Guangzhou form industry the limited company establish in 1996, in 15 years of development process, proud the Yang courageously enter and face difficult but up, try for the best, grow up to an individual proprietorship business enterprise of professional manufacturing upscale Tuo flywheel wrist form.
The road that start a business for 15 years, the company takes trustworthiness as origin, generous vein relation for acting towards people an establishment to rise own person;Is continuously creative on the technique, try hard for perfect;Strictly guard a pass on the management, meticulous, is exactly by dint of is persevering of pursue with unremitting effort, just as since go toward, steady management, do gradually to greatly do strong.
The company establishes initial stage, the decision layer judges the hour and sizes up the situation and decides that assemble and production that will have a foothold at the machine form are aftertime’s development strategy;Combine to pass annually large clock exposition of taking part in Switzerland, Hong Kong etc. ground, expand own popularity.Because the reputation is good, the technique is consummate, quality over hard, the company successively acquires affirmation of national well-known business enterprises like Europe and America,etc, is authorized for it under of the form labor from in world produce(namely stick card OEM), particularly is to entrust a labor to produce the Tuo flywheel wrist form, make the comprehensive real strenght of company get to promote very greatly.Among the cooperation in decade, China the form industry handed over answering of satisfaction book.
Global financial turmoil in 2008, influence and, the company develops a direction to equally face a rigorous test.Pass extensive market research, the company makes policy a layer to gradually form a consensus:Now that the labor produce of the Tuo flywheel stick card(OEM) wrist form, can wait nation to go place in the Europe and America and explain that the product of Chinese manufacturing is regardless a quality up still price, all really have international competitiveness!The wrist form of manufacturing in China, lack of Be just a good brand, the good style designs just.
More than 10 years of production process and stick a card(OEM) to produce foreign famous brand wrist form experience of the backlog, it is full of self-confidence the company decision layer and presume a challenge and decide the brand that to create oneself, and want to create to belong to the Tuo flywheel wrist form of top-class level in the clock field!
The Tuo flywheel wrist form means to have the machine form of “revolve to capture Zong to adjust soon organization”, it represents the tallest level in the machine form manufacturing craft, is called “the king in the form”.It is complicated, nicety of core technique, to is monopolized by Switzerland, come and go to only provide princes and dukes nobility have fun, up to now, still draw on machine form the fancier don’t hesitate heavy the gold purchase.
Since the end of 20th century, the clock of Hong Kong, China master Jiao big Mr. Yu, and the ability work clever artisans of several big watch factories in Hangzhou, Tienjin, and Shanghai…etc. successively and successfully develop Chinese the Tuo flywheel machine Xin that owns an independent intelligent property right.This is the Chinese pride, also the pride of Chinese clock manufacturing industry!
China in Guangzhou form industry the limited company hold hands each local big machine Xin factory, the common development combines Chinese the Tuo flywheel machine Xin of all adoptions and with meticulous care releases the Tuo flywheel wrist form of series luxurious atmosphere.Is ambidexterity in designing external appearance, and go together with with the outer shells, such as platinum gold and 18 K rose gold…etc., blue precious stone form mirror, crocodile leather watch band, inset diamond to wait an upscale material, to the utmost show highly respectable extraordinary.
The company registers its”Hao hair card” trademark.”Hao hair” namely the breadth of view”Hao feeling life ambition” but”make firm resolve”!The clock business that expects China can develop rapidly, the Tuo flywheel wrist form of Chinese brand can ascend a form placard in world!This is its implied meaning place!
March 2 in 2011, China the form industry belong to”the Hao hair Tuo flywheel wrist form monopoly store” of next race brand in the house in the white cloud of Guangzhou City ten thousand to reach square to formally start practice, in the days to come, the company will set up more”Hao hair the Tuo flywheel wrist form monopoly store” in each big city.This is another heroic act that beats to ring Chinese brand, certainly, this just just started, China form industry the team was hard working hard, prepared rose in the heart the blue print that the Teng rose paid of realization!

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the poem of river the poem Dan and Chinese origin history

1755, young clock Jiang Jean-Marc Vacheron at the Switzerland Genevan city center establish own clock utility room.Continuously delve into to make a form craft.In 1819, experienced businessman Francois the posterity of Constantin and Jean-Marc Vacheron cooperate and established a Vacheron the Constantin river poem Dan.

the year produce 19000 wrist forms, river poem Dan be called “is extravagant to arrive inside” by the drama, 257 years of time Tao washes “Ma Er ten words” of to still keep livinging Hui.World exquisite good Ci, as well have no dint to catch horary trace.River poem Dan but engrave its Juan into the art object of nobility.

200 year agos, the craftsmans of Genevan attic build an enamel pocket-watch, the Piao ocean leads sea and send to Chinese emperor hand in.After 200 years, the rich men of China with owning it is tasty of symbol.

the pure imperial house once twice made to order a river poem Dan enamel form

1755, be Jean-Marc Vacheron establish river the poem Dan brand in Switzerland Geneva of time, is experiencing the dynasty in Qing Dynasty in faraway eastern country China.The emperor that governed at that time is Qianlong, was like his grandpa, Kangxi Ye, , also the clock fancier of fanaticism.Collect many import since then each kind of clock from the west.The then China still keeps adopting the old time system of 12 hours systems, so the western clock combines Be been not suitable for to calculation China of style time, therefore the member of imperial house’s nobility just sees the clock as is an interesting strange Qiao trick, will along with take some pocket-watches as have fun of use.

1845, the river the poem Dan and a business of China market cooperate a quilt to load in historical records for the very first time, at that time river poem Dan delivered a batch of kinds form to China, but there was still no clock market in China at that time.After receiving this news, river poem Dan the plan that has never postponed to expand a huge China market.But is still keep a company with China Mao relation, input some clocks of superior qualities into China.

1846, Tao Kuang emperor period, although broke out in the land in China on the Opium War, luxurious Manchu Dynasty imperial house still to river poem Dan ordered an enamel pocket-watch, among them on just inseting a style with the gold form of the natural pearl, the outstanding enamel painting expressed two white pigeons scene in various colorful flowers, it make people look over difficult forget.In 1862, Manchu Dynasty eighth term emperor-together cure to mount the throne, 3 years after, Manchu Dynasty another imperial house to river poem Dan order a blue enamel pocket-watch that insets diamond, but it has been 110 years since the river the poem Dan Dun company at this time developed.

river poem Dan Chinese area representative staff member tell the finance mangaing weekly paper the reporter, at river poem Dan form factory in early days of in the file record, kept many products orders that came from China.In addition to telling the time form, ten thousand calendar forms, enamel forms, the contents of order also has the outside turn various”abnormal shape form” of jewelry form, pornography form and the shape mimicry shapes, such as insect and fruits…etc. for inseting pearl and ruby.

Chinese chemical element gobble up

20’s in last century European Gao Ding Biao

20’s in 20th century, along with decorate the fad of art style, river poem Dan also drew to take many inspirations from traditional culture of China and released the fascinating work that a series have something to do with China.

“‘ Hivan-Tsang’ is a wiser of China, legend he at outgoing of time always two monkeys accompany with or so, an on his shoulder, but another feet that then embrace him” the above-mentioned staff member said, river poem Dan a table clock of be take this as topic but design of, clinch a deal price 160, 250 Switzerland francs, publish in 1925.The Gao agate material in black formed clock hull, the shape of Hivan- Tsang adopted red and coralline material and also inset the red coral of different size in the clock parts, such as hull and base…etc., the in the interval embellishes to have radiant and extremely keen diamond and horarily show the part is opened the door by one cover up, be open it, will appear a from pearl shell mother the material create of clock dish, pointed needle and engraved degrees to all adopt to carve an enamel craft to carry on modifier.

see a river poem Dan a style of table clock that release in 1926 time dish, probably will associate the story of Three Kingdoms historical novel first, this is a style of timer that completely takes Chinese culture as a special feature, the base of the jadeite manufacturing up is the oval container in red, open this the radian door in the container, three ancient of the warrior will present, they take respectively the different weapon carry on belligerence, these person shapes include behind of all of the background adopted to choke a silk enamel craft and engraved a degree to then choose Chinese traditional hour-“son, ugly, Yin, Mao ……” mean.Ancient Chinese culture becomes the important chemical element of this momentary period river the poem Dan art clock.

make in 1929 of snuff pot shape table clock also it is thus clear that one spot, clinch a deal price 41, 400 Switzerland francs.The snuff pot in the Manchu Dynasty disheveled hair exhibition becomes 1 kind’s canning be provided to appreciate of art object, have among them choose different material to make of, there is also the species to decorate various craft.But river poem Dan the unprecedented in history ground choice snuff pot the external appearance shape that is a clock, on the other hand adopt materials, such as Gao agate and azure stone…etc. to match with to carve a craft to carry on adornment(snuff pot the body has the pattern that Chinese female takes lotus), make use of a rotary hour number to present for a time on the other hand.

HongKong-Macau regression specially made form super capacity

1997 a style of”Mercator” that draws to have Chinese map wrist surface a life time, it is in honor of July 1, 1997 Hong Kong regression China but specially make of, on the dial with choke silk enamel the craft make a show of a several in the provinces of district, the ancient carrack visits Yi’s waters in Hong Kong, it making people remember Hong Kong is an appearance of port till 19th century.Moreover a style of wrist form(the capacity 18 K the pink gold style is 97) that is in remembrance of Hong Kong regression China, then engrave in the dial full general hour the degree is marked with”1, 2, 3, 4 ……”, also have a horizontal row Chinese characters is “July 1, 1997”.

1999 regression China in Macau, river poem Dan also specially created to be in remembrance of form and most remained for the eye-catcher is its dial-draw the enamel dial of having Macau geography position.

September 19, 2004, river poem Dan took part in “clock miracle” exposition that is held in the Forbidden City ancestral temple of Peking by the group of Li Feng.Is an ever big pure dynasty to offer sacrifices to the saint palace of ancestor, past specially the invitation love lately feel Luo ·Pu term wrote “clock miracle” four words, Pu’s allowing is the younger brother of Chinese the last generation emperor Pu instrument.River poem Dan before administration chief executive officer Mr. Proellochs of Claude-Daniel a “Patrimony” that has superior quality in Geneva to print to record the super thin machine wrist form present to the Pu allow.

river poem Dan the craftsman workshop of Gao Ding-attic of specially make to order

the luxury goods beat “a little amount, rare” concept for the lord, even have some is “Gu article”.A lot of international front-line extravagant brands have a liking for for the last few years, luxury goods the sale growth in China quantity, released high class to make to order in China one after another, but made to order to seem to be already to become luxury goods brand to conduct necessary means.River poem Dan also in this aspect of high class making to order under foot effort, even certainly have the technical term-attic craftsman workshop to specially make to order to Gao.

the source of its name be because ex- expect, make form in the clock industry development of all of teachers is create wrist form in the attic, past therefore get.Because river poem Dan rightness specially make to order of guest’s order strictly keep secret, this undoubtedly makes these special to make to order a product to cover with a layer a mysterious color, although can not reveal customer’s information, external appearance and allocation of form still all have according to can check.

the case of watch adopt the 18 Ks 5 N class pink gold, the diameter is 47.00 millimeters of, the case of watch carves a craft to depict 12 Chinese Zodiac Sign pictures in China by handicraft on all sides, the dial adopts 18 K platinum, handicraft carvings, the minute of white paint engraves a degree, the dial has 818 Ks pink gold a hour to engrave a degree, while the watch band is a hand to nail to make a deep Fei color square crocodile skin watch band in line Mississippi, the form buttons up the 18 Ks 5 N pink gold watch to then button up.

can permit an everyone bold guess according to 12 Chinese Zodiac Sign patterns of on the side in fact, make to order the person of this form to think necessarily is the love form of Chinese personage.But its price probably nothing of exorbitant price, however herein state of mind but rather worth ponder.

1912 river poem Dan in order to be in remembrance of 100 anniversaries, river poem Dan provided with a rare precious metal PT950 platinum gold to create case of watch and made a show of 47.6 millimeters of in 36.7 ×s smallest area up, best material plus the all new design of the butt form wrist form, accomplished capacity 100 Malte Maltas.All the bottom covers of each wrist form mark contains independent serial number, equipment the navy blue color crocodile skin watch band in Mississippi and 950 platinum golds of Malta ten word design the form button up.

precious”superior quality in Geneva prints to record”

concerning 200 year agos system form the master need expend how many years just can complete the creation of a piece of form, we have already had no from know, but the river of now poem Dan contain his/her own production line.River poem Dan the craft that will make form divide the line and it is meticulous, each make form person overrun a contents and beat to whet, the carvingses is all been responsible for by specially assigned, even in selection the dial, case of watch material be also opposite should of representative director.Manage finance weekly paper the reporter understand, only some the style preciously making to order form just probably hand over by a person or a small team to come to whole distance creation, while this is also expensive price Gao Ding Biao’s value place.

precious”superior quality in Geneva prints to record” is to come from high class system the form is traditional of outstanding standard, first, its machine Xin construction, adjust school and pack hull all to carry on in the Genevan state.But the applicant have to trade to register association to carry on registration in the Genevan state.And each machine Xin and case of watches have to alone serial number, so the yield of this kind of form is again very few, if want to make to order form like this to perhaps can not call that it specially makes to order for attic craftsman workshop, but call that it makes to order for eminent and complicated wrist form.Creation like this basically from a person, or several individuals constitute of team to follow and complete whole of make form process.Is only because the cost of its manpower, price can not small Qu.

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count Dancing Light all the year round wrist form clock the Lin always criticize

I am lodged to one don’t have seasonal city, make track for the four seasons, one among the ways is the four seasons that collect to have art value suit wrist form.Choice most of, is a count.”The four seasons” in 2012 are Limelight of circular, and named after Dancing Light.

Count Dancing Light all the year round wrist form

I like to sun rise the Heng yin and yang in month to change with each other, I like that the as summer goes and winter comes Chen stays overnight a row piece and feels living time variety, and the Mi foot that realizes mistake a life is precious.This kind of variety comes from a sky to grant, hence the Earth had the four seasons.

regrettable, I am lodged to one don’t have seasonal city.Here have no the four seasons, in big parts of days, only have very hot heel not very hot.How to do?Make track for the four seasons, I have two ways.First BE, no matter have much busy, I each season want to fly to 12 seasons to specially make me have the city of felling to go.The public affairs business forgets it, money value forgets it and holds own understanding companion and seeks the best hotel, tries most the delicacies of Jing and conveniently adds more new color for cloakroom.I don’t visit a tourist spot and take oneself for native son for that several dayses, be hotel is my house.So, the importance of the hotel still at city on.Because, good hotels are few, a certain season very the city of the United States but absolutely many.The second method is the four seasons that collect to have art value suit wrist form.The target in nowadays is the river who searched to miss poem Dan”the four seasons”, the surface is the dominant scene of the Apollo Apollo driver wagon, express by the enamel and the jewelry to change all the year round Huan.In those early years the whole set just list price 200 many ten thousand, very reasonable.As for choice most of, is a count.Past 15 years inside, they do the set of the four seasons form annually, also is mainly the enamel art felt fascinated with me, include to choke silk with inside fill to decorate.Come and go, the count is basic to use Miss in the square “the four seasons” of Protocle on.”The four seasons” in 2012 are Limelight of circular, and named after Dancing Light.Its special feature, that time needle dish outside have a rotary adornment turn.In SIHH, I cant not bear to release the four seasons lovely view playing that to revolve.Attend to Mr. Teng to ask me, prepare to buy to who?

Limelight Dancing Light all the year round wrist form –the spring 18 K platinum case of watch, diameter 39 millimeter;Inset 128 United States to drill(about 1.7 carats);Green and pink pearl mother shell dial;The form buttons up to inset 15 United States to drill(about 0.1 carats) to carry the count system 56 P quartz machine Xin

by this time I just realize mistake, it is included in female form category.Anita is “the Yi man count rose” of the count painting is female form, I am after buying come back male the form wore and crowed over one’s success very much, but Dancing the Light female flavor is really too charmingly feminine, by all means make people have the illusion of sex mindset change on the hand.Suddenly deliver fantasy, since oneself likes the four seasons thus, each quarterlies of that next year seeks a good hotel that once lives by himself/herself to revive an old dream and lets the beauty bosom friend put on count Dancing of this quarter Light, the hotel is outside a landscape at that time, the jade person’s wrist in the hotel top is also must make artistic conception, not quick Zai?I like that the female wears jewelry form, my female good friend all in fact wears the jewelry form of top-class brand.In spring, I choose Paris of beautiful.Ascend square to come in from any, the snobbish bellboy finishes respectfullly finish respect.Once walk very narrow hallway, prosperous the bulb of lily putting send out repeatedly You joss-stick, your hand is also in particular soft, my unexpectedly fantasizing us is beautiful frequent caller Hemingway and the incarnation of Chanel.”Spring” on the your hand there are five butterflies being dancing in the wind, three just all drill of, three just only noodles platinum of, how can Bian I is female and male?I certainly feel to inset to drill of is a male Die, they make track for the platinum Die contain very shy.The background is the bead shell of pink and green, constructed the scene that the all flowers is prosperous to put in spring, oh that outside was also a color riotous, we arrive open terrace to lean on balcony and looking at the distance quickly.”Spring”‘s inseting totally 143 United States of weighing 1.8 carats drill, is exactly a just right.

Limelight Dancing Light all the year round wrist form –summer.The 18 K platinum case of watch, diameter 39 millimeter;Inset 72 United States to drill(about 1.6 carats);The sky blue and white pearl mother shell dial;Inset 101 United States to drill(about 0.3 carats);The form buttons up to inset 15 United States to drill(about 0.1 carats);Carry the count system 56 P quartz machine

Singapore of summer is very hot, however not what real summer does the heat calculate again?Dearly remember, at to blessing private hotel, there is very big courtyard outside the room and grow full coconut palm and palm tree, the pleasant breeze repeatedly floats, summer heat a sweep but light, that kind of is cool to make people infatuate with very much.That old pink Dom Perignon can also float a close foam, flavor Ping-ho, very good entrance, the one Fei is red very quick move to a face from the cup up.This seasonal changes, you should put on to inset to have totally weigh 2 carats of 188 United Stateses drill of”summer”, let me appreciate small bee of dish is flying Xuan.The bead shell of the deep blue heel milk white background, express Lang day Gao Xuan.See, there is a small bee being getting more greedy, fly to the red hibiscus and the ears of wheat cluster.Is there ears of wheat in summer?The imagination is to have no limitary.The room of courtyard opposite opened, probably what to go out is here of old live a guest of hair Mu.


successfully usher in proper quasi- watch to let to exercise to guide vogue

according to know, sport watch brand EZON is proper quasi- to successfully go into in May, 2012 valley net, its related series product now already be online is selling.

currently, life people under the high pressure, the second healthy phenomenon is also gradually obvious, hence more and more people look forward to regression great universe, remaining of the work accompanies to go on a tour to release work and the pressure on the life, mountain climbing, rock climb, swimming, ride a line and leap pole etc. outdoor games to then become a kind of vogue and trend, under this environment, outdoor games watch brand EZON is proper quasi- to then emerge with the tide of the times, become outdoor games of the livinging of watch brand dint soldier.

EZON Be proper quasi- to is young domestic sport watch brand, outdoor games watch to navigate, with his/her high-tech and hard material, rich contain the shape structure of exercising the lines pleasant impression and presume a creative characteristics, deeply be subjected to the doter of having a passion for outdoor games fancier.No matter you what to keep in mind is the mindset of a recreation or an exploration, EZON is proper quasi- to always provides convenience for you, take you grasp great universe together of fine.

according to understand, valley net what strong dint recommend is that the outward appearance is crude and uncivilized in May but inside the outdoor mountain climbing series of quality fine with will healthily exercise to combine with perfect high-tech Shu of outdoor recreational electric wave series, each form enriches to contain to exercise a chemical element and owns Ci, anti- earthquake of defend, heat-proof, watertightness etc. function.

EZON proper quasi- outdoor mountain climbing series

EZON proper quasi- outdoor mountain climbing series, belong to neutral form, the men and women of each age stage of suitable for passion outdoor games wear and own devices, such as mariner’s compass, altimeter and barometer…etc., for your outdoor of the trip provide convenience and safety.

EZON is outdoor the mountain climbing exercise the wrist form H005 A13 blue

proper quasi- EZON the outdoor mountain climbing exercise series>>>

among them the mariner’s compass device can provide directions to track, current direction and provide Ci to be partial to a Cape constitution, the barometer device can provide the sea level the air pressure, actual air pressure, current temperature and weather forecast, the altimeter device can provide opposite highly and absolutely high, the biggest height and total amount ascension with descend height.In addition, the EZON proper quasi- outdoor mountain climbing series wrist form walks precise, provide 50 years full-automatic calendar, stop-watch function, in really exercise the of Jiao Jiao in the wrist form.

EZON proper quasi- outdoor recreational electric wave series

usher in in May of EZON proper quasi- outdoor recreational electric wave series wrist form, its shape designs simple and direct, vogue, easy and convenient, with automatic school and the precise synchronous function be deeply subjected to fancy of outdoor games fancier.

EZON outdoor recreational electric wave wrist form L010 the As are 12

proper quasi- watch EZON outdoor recreational electric wave series>>>

so-called electric wave form, the fuselage is received system by the atom clock and the wireless to constitute, center sends out accurate time and receives system to receive through a wireless and after CPU processing show time while being taught by the nation, electric wave table 30 ten thousand years the error margin can’t be more than 1.After in brief saying to is a kind of electric wave that accepts a standard time information, can automatically check horary watch.

EZON outdoor recreational electric wave wrist form L002 the As are 12

proper quasi- watch EZON outdoor recreational electric wave series>>>

EZON proper quasi- electric wave series wrist form, every day can auto or hand move to accept BPC electric wave time, time provide full-automatic calendar and 19 famous cities for 50 years, biggest 0:59:00 pour to account the function , in addition, establish a little bit whole device that tell the time and make bell everyday inside the form and give your the line provide then and easily.

EZON the proper quasi- watch healthily exercise of living principle, movement of shape design and strong function material, hard can not the material of Cui is its characteristics, is also attraction
Of reason place, hope that everyone can have healthy life style, it lets to exercise the life guide vogue.


Switzerland the United States degree form the seventh night of the seventh moon stanza recommend to the form

the seventh night of the seventh moon Valentine’s Day arrive, the Switzerland the United States degree form Qing feeling presents four greatest serieses four styles of to the forms:Being to cross thousand years of perfect lover is the moment that meets by chance in the prosperous city to move, is cross over difficulties difficult to cross the deep feeling after hug to each other, is love tender feelings honey within mumbling thin language idea.The United States degree abyss of time that never corroborates time with angle, the record true love is invincible ……

Each moving love, at the sea change however for an instant;Cent when a moment love was very thick sweet each time, at each loverses but is the abyss of time.Feel a true love of at the same time, bear firmly in mind this thick feeling time with the elegant wrist form of recording precise time, this isn’t the convention, but the courteous reception to the love and witness, to future commitment and the responsibility.

the United States degree perfect series to the perfect lover of form-time and space traveler
The ancient Rome arena of more than 2000 year agos with outstrip ages of outstanding design and incomparable vehemence of Hui Hong became the abyss of time of classic, also become the inspiration source that perfect one the United States degree series designs.The endless distance of thousand years time and space shortens because of love, two people love each other, will use the Hong ditch that strong feelings overcomes time and space, wait upon each other whole life thus.From Rome in thou arrive at that moment, again till future, only perfect then the love for deducing can the abyss of time, become the perfect lover of the traveler of time and space.

Arena in thou Rome enriches the building structure of creating the dint very much to accept 50,000 audiences at the same time and lets each audience own the best visual effect, this classic perfect design crosses time and space, down to date inspiration source that it still becomes modern gymnasium’s designing.The United States degree perfect series draws the inspiration of taking circular arena in Rome of deriving from the thou to the form, blends the meaning of building, wrist form and lover together and deduces the love of shuttling the time and space.Possibly its design earth made use of a dial of can see space, make to read count very convenient.The shape of form turn also derives from the design of arena, the reserved box that rises and falls to have a preface on the dial’s designing is exactly a mimicry stairs, reduced the edge of form turn at the same time.The considerate lovers style shape designs, not only at in shape a vein mutually accept, more chose a stainless steel material on the material, made the watch withstand beating of years more to whet, let they and love together, in the passage of the time, witness perfect love.

The United States degree perfect series male the form is a style of all new function outstanding, the personality with sheer vitality wrist form.Keep blue precious stone mirror noodles of Xuan purpose from making dial and the needle is clear, outstanding.Super-LumiNova?Of the processing needle and dial even if is under the dusk environment, read number the clear convenience is also.The 100 meters waterproof and transparent bottom cover to the utmost shows wrist form outstanding function.The United States degree perfect series female the form follow the design style of perfect series and create the visual field of infinite comprehensiveness in the limited dial space.This design can satisfy any esthetics standard that most engrave for the Ke while promising function and not only let up the thickness of dial and use a blue precious stone to defend mirror noodles at the same time and try hard for with maximum limit space of extending the dial.The dial is pointed needle by Arabic numerals and silver quality to delicately divide the line, go to elegant qualities of the female’s pole to contain between the classic design.Special needle design at white of dial on seem to be particularly for fine, depend on Super-LumiNova?Of processing technique, even if the night in utter darkness,can promise to let you clearly read a number.Point a needle position to place at 3:00 at the same time, also have the function that the date shows.Passing whole transparent dial back hulls can immediately appreciate its Jing vulture putting of thin Zhuo Tuo.The United States degree AQUADURA form hat system for possessing singly ensures its outstanding waterproof function.This style of auto matches a personality to the as one pleases form of shape, express characteristic time idea, present the most perfect love with the classic building of outstripping thousand years.

the United States degree cloth Lu Na series to the form-mostly will of romantic legend
Chrysler mansion, the landmark building of this New York once in numerous movies witness one and other beautiful love, also became an one the United States degree cloth Lu Na series’ creations source for form, at were perfect art and wrist form to combine at the same time, construct love magic magnetic field with the inspiration that the moment triggers, inform not and together any modern love idea that rings-is responding of inspiration, is if have if have no of feeling, is mostly will be familiar male the mature women love story, more that time the being in remembrance of of love of the witness the abyss of time.

The cloth Lu Na series to form unprecedented in history of with in the world the first skyscraper-New York landmark Chrysler mansion is design the source of inspiration.Be construct the masterpiece on the history, the steel structure iron hull type external appearance of Chrysler mansion, streamlined outline, the sharp crest designs for reaching to the sky all give it the strength for moving people’s heart and make it is the wood’s masterpiece of building in the world in the hundred years history for public admire.This design must border on a perfect excellent building, witness a hundred years history, ignore the modern construct a style how change, always have it classic position.Is positive as it does, it becomes the design soul of one the United States degree cloth Lu Na series place, art ground grace and strength that will construct Be perfect to combine, congeal each a moment happiness of life.Male what style design with simple and direct watch inform is a male of resolute and courageous and strength, but female form the fine craft then embody a female completely of elegant and gentle and soft, this kind of special qualities, outstripped Chinese traditional love in usually meaning of exceedingly sentimental, more several cents, modern people of big-hearted with independence, constant of but is an eternal love.This style of romance that is a kind of maturity to the form, is once mostly will of meet by chance, is also a city brushing past of men and women if have if the feeling for having no.

The cloth Lu Na series man the wrist table 316 L the stainless steel go together with PVD the rose gold case of watch restored the low key that has already behaved to take delight in talking about since 30’s in last century of several what the form building body structure.The shape that Chien invites makes its sense of vision up have architectural tension more.Form turn the curve moderate but soft, but the dial engrave one degree lines of robust with right angle design with of the formation is anti- bad, interest the idea is full of life.Point needle mimicry the mansion keep into the sharp crest of cloudy regions, stately the sting breaks the horizon line of New York.Defend to pare off to row blue precious stone crystal mirror noodles to availably protect a fuselage, but can also observe the operation of machine Xin through the transparent back bottom.100 meters promised while aring waterproof, assembling to have through automatic machine Xin in the astronomical observatory of COSC attestation, making the United States degree further in the attestation wrist form realm in astronomical observatory, providing to more precisely walk for consumer at the same time.

The Chrysler mansion is built up of age, the female beginning advocates dashing about of independence and ego liberation over there ages, many value appearances and life style of its display aroused important echo in the society.The style of cloth Lu Na series female the form is exactly the true emersion to this advanced thought:Numerous females vision was attracted to the characteristic that its grace dazzles the eyes, and the female love form of in pursuit of high-quality quality provided a captivating choice.The gold watch hull wraps up the diameter as 33 millimeters of dials, as if the window of Chrysler mansion reflect the ray of and to the utmost show the building style of modern art doctrine.The stainless steel watch band goes together with to button up by folding form to make this style of diamond wrist form more cultured, feminization.Persist the lady of the wrist form creation craft and discover surprise ground, the style’s wrist form does a work choiceness fashionable, embody original tasty, the dial engraves one degree decoration with 12 diamonds(total 0.030 carats), at defend to pare off to row of reflecting of blue precious stone mirror noodles Chen the bottom show shining glory more.The transparent bottom cover design make you can appreciate to engrave to have the thin the Jing work of one the United States degree sign makes machine of Xin of operation.Spiral form hat, 100 meters are waterproof, this is also the outstanding advantage that one the United States degree cloth Lu Na series shows Zhao.

The United States degree cloth Lu Na series to form witness mostly will of love, become city the men and women express a love of had better choose.


LONGIO(gallery bridge) hold HUKE(Zhu guest) to be unveiled a bright joss-stick river

domestic high level wrist form brand LONGIO(gallery bridge) hold a Chinese head the bronze material machine style the diving wrist form-ZHUKE(Zhu guest) is unveiled a bright joss-stick river.From trade in Hong Kong development bureau, Hong Kong form manufacturer will limited company and Hong Kong clock limited company in the industry head quarter sponsor of the 31th Hong Kong Watch& Clock Fair international clock exhibition in Hong Kong settle formal open on September 5-9, numerous wrist forms are bright to living Hui, country form LONGIO will also contend for with set with more than 120 form brands and 12 extremely rare wrist forms of international high class system form brandses gorgeous.

“The guest of the Zhu” is a container, an out of Chu’s country, weigh 400 kilograms and symbolize the bronze of right and wealth big Ding;Point a group of persons again, a flock of have professional technical ability and have a free identity and Be shuttled to each various Hou country handicrafts of identity generic name, hangs thousand histories,such as Mr., to lose class(Lu class) and Europe Ye son as well in its row.The Zhu guest is a kind of attitude, a kind of excelsior, pursue into the Ning of attaining the perfect craftsman spirit to do;It can even is a loading history and record bronze quality art of time to attain an article and calm down to place wrist one corner with the elfevident, together with wear common witness history vicissitudes of life, the years is motley.

“Gallery bridge · Zhu guest” bronze material machine style diving wrist form

The bronze is mankind to receive from the Hong of the beginner will use of the first metal, the gallery bridge uses this as the machine wrist form Zhu guest’s corpus material and pays respects to the great renew of China time art.The revolve type form turn fold to match classic revive old customs a butt form of case of watch, whet in the beating of traditional handicrafts under, the Zhu guest passes regular ancient plain bronze color and luster and slightly takes rough tentacle texture, with absolutely original the way of ecosystem present in the people of this world in front.The spacious dark color fastens a dial like bottomless black hole, while pointing exploring of the needle You You fluorescence and shining on, guide people Be gone in secret to extremely deep sea, look for those secrets that once buried for the time.Carry a high sophisticated technique, its row Hai spirit device is good enough to support the deep sea within 500 ms to explore to visit.Along with changing of time, the bronze material oxidizes formative motley color and luster, not only can’t influence case of watch of sex-like in shape, but just like years erosion, each Zhu guest the wrist form will be given as different as chalk and cheese time trace by its host and become the one and only time witness.

The gallery bridge arises from lord design and manufacturing depth waterproof wrist form from 2005.Currently Euro-American watertightness degree in the market is in the 1000 m or so diving brand form, also many is made by the labor of gallery bridge, won the extensive approbation and good public praise of industry insider on the technique and the craft, the gallery bridge it may be said well-known depth dives the professional manufacturer of form.Successfully releasing independent brand gallery bridge TELAMON series 1000 m depth to dive wrist form from 2009 is subjected to height of large wrist form fancier in the world great fame.This time gallery bridge holds Zhu the guest be unveiled Hong Kong form exhibition and expand the craftsman spirit of traditional China with this and pay respects Shuo once extremely and China the ancient Chinese handicraft bronze Ye Zhu of the civilization star sky technical skill.